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Out Loud: How AMC Technology Helps with Charitable Challenges

Listen to AMC Technology explain more about its charitable assistance for non-profit organisations

Out Loud: How AMC Technology Helps with Charitable Challenges

Patrick is joined by expert guest Lorelea Moore, who is Director of Strategic Partnerships at AMC Technology.

Lorelea first explains to Patrick why AMC are so passionate about helping charities and non-profit organisations. Everyone at AMC has benefited at some point from the work of charities and the whole organisation is grateful and keen to providing assistance back in any way possible. As well as wanting to help, AMC are also uniquely placed to assist charities with CRM integration to improve contact centre efficiency, which often forms a critical part of their fundraising systems.

“We really understand the challenges that charitable organisations come up against.”

Lorelea explains to Patrick that although non-profit organisations don’t have identical requirements to conventional businesses often the demands in terms of contact centre provision are even more important to their overall efficacy. Ensuring donors have a smooth and simple experience is key to increasing potential donations which can in turn be reinvested in good causes.

The Helping Hands Initiative is AMC’s own internal scheme for charitable discount. It provides a quantity of its DaVinci software licences completely free of charge, for registered charities and non-profits, and then further licences at a significant 65% discount. As well as the discounted software AMC also makes its professional services expertise available at the same massively discounted rate.

“This enables them (Charities and non-profits) to put their budgeted dollars, from donations, phone calls etc into their more crucial projects that support the communities they serve.”

AMC has also been supporting, and participating, in the global Pledge 1% program. The program asks organisations around the globe to donate 1% of their equity, profit, product, and/or employee time back into their communities.

Patrick also asks Lorelea how else AMC have been helping charities and non-profits. Lorelea explains that AMC can use its expertise in the field of contact centres to help organisations improve their efficiency by streamlining CRM integration within platforms to enhance the process of receiving financial donations or support.

Finally Lorelea tells Patrick about some examples of how AMC have assisted charitable organisation with its unique set of specialisation and skills.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and special guest Lorelea Moore from AMC Technology.

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