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Out Loud: How Flexible is Twilio Flex? We Find Out With AMC Technology

We examine Twilio Flex with AMC Technology to understand how their new cloud platforms could revolutionise the contact centre industry

Out Loud: How Flexible is Twilio Flex? We Find Out With AMC Technology

Patrick was joined by special guest, CTO and founder of AMC, Anthony Uliano.

Firstly Anthony explains how Twilio Flex is different from other options available in the contact centre market. Unsurprisingly, with Flex in the name, the platform is incredibly flexible allowing customers a huge amount of customisation options. Twilio Flex offers integration at almost any level from the UI to the APIs themselves.

“So at any point you have full control over how you want to customise your contact centre.”

Anthony provides Patrick with various examples of how this customisation could be hugely valuable to customers.

“I can’t over emphasise how different Twilio Flex is from other vendors that are out there, it’s just the fact that it is so flexible.”

Antony Uliano, AMC Technology

Antony Uliano, AMC Technology

Patrick then asks Anthony, who in the market the Twilio Flex platform will appeal to most. Anthony explains that due to the customisation available large enterprise organisations will see huge value in the proposition. Flex will give them the ability to integrate at any part of the platform. Although it will appeal to the enterprise, Flex does also offer ‘out of the box’ development which will be useful for smaller organisations.

Anthony then explains that timing of Twilio Flex could not have been better for AMC. They have just released their pure cloud solution, DaVinci, which offers customers the ability to mix and match communication applications within a CRM system, to provide a consolidated workflow for contact centre agents.

“They are able to pick these various apps and they are able to combine those into a single tool bar that’s gets embedded into various CRMs.”

AMC have built multiple communication applications for their new platform but the Twilio Flex application will be far more powerful due to the amount of integrations available.

“My view is that DaVinci and Twilio Flex are really a perfect match for one another.”

Anthony explains why the integration and customisation features available are so valuable. It will allow customers to integrate all of their communication applications into one system therefore improving the experience for the contact centre agents. Instead of having to switch between various different platforms to service customers, agents can experience a consolidated workflow.

“What customers have asked for is, really, a single pane of glass, embedded agent experience. They want to have all of those channels and all of those capabilities available to the agent, embedded inside of the CRM application.”

Twilio‘s customer and development conference, Twilio SIGNAL, take places in San Francisco next week and Anthony will be one of the speakers so he tells us about what he has planned during the event.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Anthony Uliano of AMC Technology.

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