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Out Loud: Improve Your Customer Service with the Zendesk Benchmark Report

We take a look at Zendesk's Benchmark Report which examines the use of omnichannel communication in relation to customer services

Out Loud: Improve Your Customer Service with the Zendesk Benchmark Report

Patrick is joined on the podcast by Ted Smith, Product Marketing at Zendesk.

Ted firstly explains the core ethos behind the report, the fact that we have all received that terrible customer service. Zendesk want to help companies to avoid providing those terrible CX experiences.

“That’s what the Benchmark is about. It’s about looking at how our own customers use our product and how that allows them to service their own customers. Then taking that data and really understanding what are the best practices, how can we leverage this data to help our customers actually deliver better experiences for their own end users.”

Zendesk’s large customer data base enables them to leverage a huge amount of sources and offer insights across industries and across business sizes. As well as data from different businesses Zendesk are also able to draw on diverse data from different communication methods to uncover interesting findings. Although the benefits of omnichannel are obvious for customers this creates new potential issues for organisations.

Omnichannel is getting harder – In this digital world there are more channels – We as consumers expect more today.”

Ted Smith, Zendesk

Ted Smith, Zendesk

Ted explains that certain industries are finding this easier than others and retails has probably moved the fastest, possibly because they have always offered some form of omnichannel service. Also disruption within an industry can encourage others to examine new technology models.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Ted Smith.

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