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Out Loud: Influence of AI on Customer Experience

In this podcast we hear from Mitel and Olive who explain why AI is having such a profound impact on customer experience provision

Out Loud: Influence of AI on Customer Experience

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Patrick is joined by special guest by Nick Beardsley, Enterprise Director at Olive and Shameem Smillie, Contact Centre Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland at Mitel.

Nick and Shameem explain how artificial intelligence, AI, technology has the potential to transform customer experience, CX, provision in organisations of all sizes. There is an underlying factor which enables truly transformational change and that is the ability to offer omnichannel communication options for their customers. Shameem explains why offering multiple communication channels is so important.

Mitel and Olive are partnering to provide customers with solutions that can leverage the power of AI to radically enhance an organisation’s ability to provide great CX. Nick explains that service provision can be the key differentiator for organisations to stand out for customers in competitive markets. There are several key areas where Nick believes that AI can provide tangible benefits for organisations leveraging the joint power of AI and CX. AI enhanced CX systems can provide businesses’ with the ability to provide proactive, personalised customer service in easier ways than ever before.

Nick and Shameem take Patrick through a number of real world examples where the addition of intelligence has had a profound impact on an organisations and its customers. Yorkshire Building Society is one of the organisations that has canvassed opinion from its own customers and used the results it has gleaned to improve services in a number of different ways.

Shameem tells Patrick how the use of AI within CX environments will also enhance the role of contact centre agents. Rather than replacing agents – as some fear – AI will alleviate some of the more mundane tasks from contact centre staff, allowing them to focus on functions that can add real value back into their businesses. Shameem believes that in the future contact centre agents will play some of the most vital roles within any business.

Nick takes Patrick through some additional details about Olive‘s upcoming event. The event will be focusing on ‘Connecting omni-channel customer experiences with AI’ and will – as well as Nick and Shameem – feature other expert features including James Dodkins, a Customer Experience Rockstar.

Take a look at Olive’s upcoming event exploring the topic from today’s podcast in more detail.

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Presenter Patrick Watson with special guests Nick Beardsley, from Olive, and Shameem Smillie, from Mitel.

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