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Out Loud: Making Customer Experience a Competitive Advantage with Talkdesk

Whilst attending Customer Contact Week 2018 we spoke to Talkdesk to hear more about the show from their perspective

Out Loud: Making Customer Experience a Competitive Advantage with Talkdesk

Patrick was joined at the event by special guest Folia Grace, of Talkdesk, who is their VP for Marketing.

Out Loud Folia Grace

Folia Grace, Talkdesk

Patrick asks Folia about the main focus for Talkdesk. Folia explains that enabling their customers and partners to leverage CX as a competitive advantage is the main driver for them. Also Folia mentions that the gathering at the event is vital for Talkdesk as it brings a lot of their customers and partners to one location and makes discussions much easier.

Folia then runs through the events main themes. One of the most consistently heard buzz words is artificial intelligence (AI). Although its creating a lot of interest not everyone is sure how to best use AI and that is something Talkdesk are trying to rectify with genuine use cases.

“Its (AI) all about making people do a better job, rather than replacing people”

Patrick and Folia then examine an area where Talkdesk have invested a lot of focus, the customer flow throughout an interaction with any business. A seamless transition through different mediums whether that be chat, voice or social media can really bolster an organisations ability to serve their customers. Talkdesk are enabling context in all of those interactions.

Folia then explains that the simplicity for users is also key to uptake of their solutions with no need for technical staff to manage the platform. Reducing costs and ensuring stability of the platforms is also at the heart of what they do.

“Today its all about the CX economy and really what you have do as a business is provide better service.”

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Folia Grace.

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