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Out Loud: Telling the Customer Service Story with Genesys

During Customer Contact Week 2018 we heard from Genesys, to examine the benefits of storytelling within customer service journeys

Out Loud: Telling the Customer Service Story with Genesys


Patrick was joined at the event by special guest Dan Rood who is VP for Marketing at Genesys.

Dan Rood, Genesys

Dan Rood, Genesys

Dan was the main presenter during the conference so Patrick talks to him about that, and also about the event and its themes in general

The main theme of the podcast is based around a premise that Dan had been discussing during the event: Telling the Story of Victorious Customer Relationships. The idea is that by aligning customer services experience with traditional story models, providers can ensure that their customers have the best experience possible, with no-one ending up as the ‘ogre’ in the tale.

“There are principles that guide how really great stories look and feel – If you take some of these principles and apply them in a business context it can be really interesting”

Dan gives Patrick some real world examples of great customer experience stories using the story telling principals.

“Story is about a character who wants something and has to overcome conflict to get it. What better analogy is that for a customer experience when they are talking to your brand”

Dan then explains how everyone can play a different part within the customer services story. The customer is the hero but the providers of the customer service need to ensure that they are the guide or assistant in the process rather than being cast as the villain, in the customer’s eyes.

Finally Dan gives us his highlights of CCW18 and looks ahead to next year.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Dan Rood.

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