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Out Loud: The Battle of Humans and AI with Talkdesk

We discuss the rise of AI and its use within human working environments

Out Loud: The Battle of Humans and AI with Talkdesk

Patrick was joined by expert guest Jafar Adibi, who is the Head of AI/Data Science at Talkdesk.

Firstly Jafar explains how important data is to Talkdesk. Using this data to benefit Talkdesk’s clients is key. Jafar provides an example of how a simple call can create a huge amount of useful data points that they can use to improve CX. Jafar runs through some of these example data points and how they can be interpreted by Talkdesk to improve the customer’s journey.

“We know that this person used the app (to contact us) so now we know this is a techy person. We are trying to draw a more accurate picture of the person before talking to them.”

All of this data can be used to provide a more proactive approach to customer service. Jafar and Patrick also discuss the reasons why companies are examining AI as tool to improve CX and generational expectations play a big role.

Jafar then explains about how AI and ML tools can be sued to enhance human agent’s abilities rather than replacing them completely. However certain very simple roles are potentially at risk of being replaced by bots.

“If agent expertise is at a low level then it is easier, and achievable, for machines and AI enabled machines to get over.”

Out Loud Jafar Adibi

Jafar Adibi, Talkdesk

Jafar provides an example of driving as an example of task that is relatively simple where machines can match, at least, human abilities. Still highly skilled roles will need human input, at least, and are not vulnerable immediately to machines overtaking them. Humans will still be required even deep into the future of machines for quality control purposes.

Empathetic responses are always considered to be beyond the current AI and ML tools, however this may not be the case. In the future machines may well be able to decipher sarcasm and other not subtle nuances that humans use in communication.

“Every CEO has a plan, every CEO has an agenda, has a strategy that AI is part of, and that for me is fantastic.”

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guest Jafar Adibi.

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