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Out Loud: We Take a Look at Five9’s Portfolio

Leading contact centre solution provider Five9 give us the insight on their full portfolio

Out Loud: We Take a Look at Five9’s Portfolio

Patrick is joined on the podcast by Darryl Addington who is Director of Product Marketing at Five9.

Firstly Darryl explains about Five9‘s omnichannel contact centre product. In a global solution such as this maximum efficiency is critical and Darryl explains how some of their innovative technology features achieve this. Providing support for contact centre agents is one of the key features of Five9’s proposition and providing context for customer interactions is crucial.

“By providing that guidance to the agent and helping them to try and understand, through the use of AI, what that customer is trying to do, you can simplify what they have to do.”

Patrick and Darryl also discuss the different requirements for both inbound and outbound contact centre solutions. Darryl also explains that certain industries are more inclined to use contact centre solutions but that Five9 are not focused on any specific area.

Darryl then moves on to explain many of the benefits to Five9 of offering their customers a cloud native solution over the legacy solutions that were previously, and still are, available from competitors.

“If you look back 10 years in terms of how to set up a global contact centre with agents all over the world, the amount of infrastructure and cost that it took to put all that together and run it was mind-boggling. Now companies do not need to worry much about how that gets done – Five9 is doing all of that.”

Out Loud Darryl Addington Five9

Darryl Addington, Five9

Five9 are obviously not the only cloud based contact centre provider but Darryl then tells Patrick that there are various other unique features which differentiate their offering from the rest of the market.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Darryl Addington.

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