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Out Loud: What is Predictive Routing with Genesys

In this episode the podcast examines Genesys Predictive Routing & its benefits

Out Loud: What is Predictive Routing with Genesys

Patrick is joined by expert guest Christopher Connolly who is Vice President Product Marketing at Genesys.

Firstly Patrick needs a very basic overview of what routing is. Chris kindly takes Patrick through its development history, explaining how systems have progressed from the first queue based routing systems to the far more advanced and enhancing systems available today.

“You could only be as good as the routing rule that you could conceive. That changes, machine learning (ML) takes that away from us”

Christopher Connolly, Vice President Product Marketing at Genesys

The fundamental basis to enable predictive routing is the quality and amount of data available to analyse. Historically the data wasn’t available to allow the optimisations that are now possible. Genesys are uniquely positioned to leverage huge amounts of customer data, within compliance regulations, to enable huge developments in intelligent routing.

Making sure that you own the data and you know where its coming from and how it’s used it vitally important and Chris is keen to stress that to potential analysts.

“Not all data are good data – making sure it is useable and in the right format that the machine learning models can consume”

The end goal is always to improve service for customers and empower routers to offer better services by improving their intelligence. Chris also explains how the development within machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) has further enabled advances in routing.

Finally Patrick asks Chris to do the impossible and try and predict the future in terms of where routing capability can go.

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