Out Loud: What’s Behind Mitel and Talkdesk’s Partnership?

Listen in as we hear from both Mitel and Talkdesk about their enterprise contact centre solution partnership

Out Loud: What’s Behind Mitel and Talkdesk’s Partnership?

Matthew Clare Mitel

Matthew Clare, Mitel

Patrick was joined by special guests Matthew Clare, Director of Contact Center Solutions at Mitel, and Tom Milligan, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Talkdesk.

Firstly Patrick asks Matt how the partnership has emerged from a Mitel perspective. Matt explains that although Mitel have been a force in the contact centre industry this has traditionally been in the on-premises side and it has been hard for them to match pure play cloud vendors in terms of innovation. So by partnering with Talkdesk and using their product OEM they are able to offer their customers rapid deployment of new features.

“It’s hard to keep up with the pace of innovation from some of the vendors that are pure CCaaS, built from the ground up.”

Tom then tells Patrick that Talkdesk benefit from the arrangement in three principle areas. Being able to leverage Mitel’s reputation within the industry is hugely advantageous and being able to work alongside with Mitel, Talkdesk are hoping to be able to further target enterprise businesses. Talkdesk are also looking to leverage Mitel’s huge existing customer base.

“4.6 million cloud users that they (Mitel) already have, well, we want them. So working with Mitel gives us instant access to those cloud users, as long as we execute.”

As well as the customer base Talkdesk are also keen to leverage Mitel’s extensive logistical network. Mitel have over 4000 sales partners globally and Tom explains that by signing this deal, Talkdesk are now able to benefit from those partnerships.

Next Patrick asks Matt where the new OEM offering is going to fit within the Mitel portfolio. Initially the product will overlay Mitel’s MiCloud Connect CX but Matt explains that this is a phased deployment and Mitel will look to expands its use of Talkdesk products in other areas of the portfolio.

Patrick also asks Matt about the selection process as to why Mitel have chosen Talkdesk to partner with. Matt tells Patrick that Talksdesk’s speed of innovation and the ease of integration into their products were huge reasons behind their selection. Tom explains that this arrangement goes both ways as Talkdesk are often in a position where they are asked to advise customers on which unified communications platform to utilise and now they are able to offer such a range a of benefits alongside Mitel, it makes sense for customers to examine their solutions in other areas of communications.

Tom Milligan, Talkdesk

Tom Milligan, Talkdesk

Finally Patrick asks both Tom and Matt if they think that this sort of partnership is a trend that might become more popular elsewhere in the industry with companies looking for complimentary solutions that can offer a mutual benefit for both parties. Matt and Tom both agree that this is something that we are likely to see more of and explain why.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and special guests Matthew Clare from Mitel and Tom Milligan from Talkdesk.

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