PIKA Announces R2 – GDPR & MiFID II-Friendly Call Recording Toolkit

New GDPR and MiFID II compliant call recording solution

PIKA Announces R2 – GDPR & MiFID II-Friendly Call Recording Toolkit

PIKA Technologies is excited to announce the launch of R2, a new REST API-based call recording SDK (software development kit) that will allow telecom application developers to create phone call recording applications that:

  • Are operating system and programming language agnostic with improved time to market, i.e. create applications within days instead of weeks or even months
  • Can mute call recording until the party has been informed and/or consented (MiFID II & GDPR)

Additionally, PIKA is offering an optional SIPRec server for hands off-management of storage. R2 includes an option for developers to code their own storage management via a REST API or use of PIKA’s interface to easily retrieve recordings and manage storage of these recordings.

“R2 REST API is a software abstraction layer allowing users to program in high level languages of their choice on operating systems of their choice. The recording system running R2 can run on a Linux platform, while the application controlling that host can run on Linux, Windows, Mac or anything else and can be placed at another geographical location. There’s no single line of C code or need to know Linux required, yet it still has a lot of power. In addition, SIPRec protocol will permit offsite storage, either in a 3rd party cloud or customer’s data centre.” says PIKA Technologies CTO, Wojciech Tryc.

R2 includes an API call, to mute portions of the call until the party being recorded has been informed and/or consented. This will allow developers to work with the new GDPR and MiFID II regulations recently set out by the EU. Under new GDPR rules, businesses wishing to record calls must fulfill any one of six conditions, including “The people involved in the call have given consent to be recorded” (source: UC Today). For financial services, the new MiFID II rules require recording of all conversations related to or intended to relate to a transaction and “to inform the client… that the conversations and communications are being recorded” (source: Lexology)

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