Red Box Announces the World’s First Automated Audio-Recording Verification Tool

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Red Box Announces the World’s First Automated Audio-Recording Verification Tool

A leader in the industry for data and call recording and financial compliance, Red Box Recorders recently announced the release of the brand-new “Assure: Daily System Check” tool. The first software asset in the world to be used for completely automated audio recording verification, Assure ensures that highest standard of compliance for recorded communication systems – keeping data accurate and maintaining extensive records.

Up until now, financial institutions on a global basis have spent millions from their budget each year in an attempt to manually verify that their recordings meet current compliance standards. Not only is this on-going task a hindrance to regular business operations, but it lacks absolute accuracy thanks to the presence of potential human error. When people rush through testing or only test a portion of the recording, major regulatory penalties can occur because of recording faults that go undetected.

How Does Assure Work?

The purpose of Assure: Daily System Check, is that it’s designed to maintain compliance with any organisation in regards to audio recording standards. It makes the verification of a communication infrastructure simpler, so that businesses can make sure that their processes are working properly, and that their critical communications are recorded for future fact checking.

The Assure: Daily System Check software basically does what it says on the tin – conducting regularly scheduled tests across 100% of the communication devices in an organisation – from their trader and soft turrets, to traditional telephony and Unified Communications. The system also connects easily to the Quantify Insight dashboard – providing a detailed look into recording system health, the individual status of various devices, and more.

A Revolution for Recording Compliance

In the fast-paced business world that we all live in today, the Assure: Daily System Check tool could represent the face of the future for call-recording compliance. At last, trading floors will have 100% peace of mind when it comes to verifying their communication systems quickly and effectively.

The concept of Assure not only makes verification simpler, but it allows for better cost-savings and flexibility too. After all, your system checks can be scheduled to take place outside of general trading hours, so that your business disruption is minimised. What’s more, you can choose which devices should be addressed, as well as how frequently checks should take place – saving a significant amount in labour costs. Businesses will no longer have to assign checking tasks to their staff – requiring them to take time away from crucial work to examine recording devices each day. Now, IT teams will be able to immediately locate, identify, and resolve problems such as connection failures and damaged recordings.

The “Daily Systems Check” tool is the first item in the “Assure” range offered by Red Box Recorders, available today.

About Red Box Recorders

A leading company in the market for recording solutions that retrieve, store, and analyse voice data, Red Box Recorders offers analytics solutions for voice recording policy and legal compliance, as well as quality monitoring, business investigation, and fact verification. Currently, the “Quantify Recording Suite” offered by Red Box is used throughout financial, government, and contact centre organisations across the world. Six of the world’s top 10 banks currently use Red Box, along with 60% of the United Kingdom police force.

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