About Red Box Recorders

a short history

About Red Box Recorders

A powerful presence within the data and voice recording community for more than twenty-five years, Red Box Recorders is one of the pioneers of the call recording industry, with a strong reputation for incredible quality, exceptional software, and customer dedication. Businesses throughout the world use the Rex Box recording suite for recording, searching, and replaying telephone calls in public safety, government, financial, and contact centre environments. For many industries, Red Box Recording represents a crucial factor in fact verification, quality monitoring, and investigation of business activity.

Red Box are also supported by an extensive global reseller network, with offices in EMEA, North America, and APAC. From the emergency services, to contact centres and financial institutions, the voice and data recording solutions provided by Red Box are trusted across the globe as a method of capturing crucial communications.

Red Box Call Recorders

While the headquarters for Red Box Recorders is in Nottingham, within the United Kingdom, the company now has regional offices throughout New York, London, Singapore, Charest, and more. At the same time, Red Box manages a worldwide reseller network that features over 200 partners.

The Red Box Recorders company began its new identity in 2000, when it opened as a solution for building and marketing an existing range of successful items from Origin Data. Since that time, Red Box has emerged as one of the fastest-growing, and most successful data and voice recording businesses in the world, achieving an annual rate of growth that equals more than 20% over the past five years. As an independent industry specialist, Red Box is an innovator in the world of technology, challenging the traditional boundaries of voice logging, and offering forward-thinking, fresh solutions.

Since it’s development, Red Box has conducted businesses within more than 100 countries, and besides its commitment to quality, the company maintains high ethical standards across it’s numerous offices.

The Red Box Recorders Service Portfolio

The services and products offered by Red Box Recording are all designed to enable the capture, analysis, authentication, and evaluation of multimedia communications from a range of data sources including SMS, radio, mobile calls, screen communication, and social media. The Red Box Quantifying Recording Suite is an intuitive and easy-to-use software solution perfect for companies in a range of sizes. Not only is it customisable, but the suite also contains a range of incredible solutions, including:

  • PCI Compliance
  • Billing and Call Management
  • Audio Analysis
  • Event Reconstruction
  • Quality Management

With the converged recording solution, Red Box can manage a range of recording solutions regardless of whether you’re migrating into VoIP or using concurrent systems. With this solution, businesses can access a one-stop option for their recording, storing, and archiving needs. The system supports a hybrid recording feature which allows a single server to record SIP, TDM, VoIP, RoIP, and E1. What’s more, the support of VoIP and TDM means that companies can record up to 480 channels of E1, or 256 channels of IP with a single device.

Other features in the Red Box Recording service portfolio include:

  • Frame-based recording, which allows for minimised data loss in system failure events, by writing all recording channels to a single-frame file every couple of seconds.
  • Virtualisation, which reduces data centre costs, improves business continuity, and optimises infrastructure. The “Red Box Quantify” option can be easily installed on virtual systems, and offers plenty of support for all the leading virtualisation solutions.
  • Hosted call recording, which is a flexible, and easy-to-use option for hosted-voice suppliers who want to provide their customers with a simple solution for data, call, and voice recording. Red Box hosted features can scale to meet the needs of any evolving business.

The Evolution of Red Box Recording

Over the years, Red Box Recording has become a valued partner in technology for several organisations, both within the United Kingdom, and on a global scale. At present, Red Box is working alongside four of the world’s ten most profitable banks, as well as many of the leading global brokers. The business prides itself on its collection of experienced and knowledgeable employees, as well as its proven portfolio of technology, and unrivalled approach to connectivity.

By providing licensable applications that operate within a single easy-to-use platform for software, customers at Red Box can choose the exact recording functionality they need for specific requirements. What’s more, by integrating with the widest possible range of UC, radio, trading, and telephony platforms, Red Box are now able to provide their clients with the ability to capture outgoing, incoming, and internal communication across cell phones, and fixed lines alike, as well as financial trading turrets, control centres, and more.

With Red Box Recording, businesses achieve the solutions that they need to avoid quality issues and fines, by capturing the data and voice information that they need for everything from business activity investigation, to record keeping.






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