Revolutionising the Contact Centre Industry with Talkdesk Context Mobile

It's time to add a little context to contact centres

Revolutionising the Contact Centre Industry with Talkdesk Context Mobile

It’s hard to deny the power of CX lately. In fact, studies show that by 2020, customers expect that all companies will have automatically personalised their contact centre experience. The good news is that Talkdesk might have found a way to put that revolution in place.

Talkdesk is a leading cloud contact centre platform, with impact across the globe. During their roadshow in New York this month, the company revealed a brand-new service called “Talkdesk Context“, A product suite designed to provide real-time information on customer self-service activity. Essentially, it allows contact centre agents to see what customers were doing before they started to call, in order to better customise their experience. Context Mobile is the first feature launched on the Context suite.

What is Context Mobile?

Context Mobile is an application that gives contact centre agents up-to-date information about the things a customer has been doing on an application before they contact their customer service agents. This allows for more relevant, personalised support from sales managers and reps. According to Talkdesk, the system is specifically intended to support the era of the empowered customer, where more consumers are using “self-service” options, rather than speaking to a person to conduct their sale.

If a customer decides that they need help with their order or experience, the Context Mobile solution identifies all their information for an agent, before he or she ever answers the call. This can reduce the amount of time both customers, and agents need to spend on support calls, by ensuring customers don’t have to re-iterate their needs.

Since we recently discovered that customers are spending about 900 billion hours on their mobile apps, it makes sense that we’d want to deliver a more powerful customer experience through mobile technology. The Context Mobile experience is intended to introduce the power of AI and machine learning into the world of customer experience.

Transforming the Customer Experience

According to the founder of Talkdesk, Tiago Paiva, context mobile is an opportunity to see real disruption in the contact centre for the first time in decades. The system will allow agents to instantly identify their callers, authenticate callers, and access real-time contextual information too. Customers can even choose to ask for “auto callback”, which pushes an agent to call them back as soon as they’re free. This means no annoying hold music for anyone.

Context Mobile is the first step in the Talkdesk path towards a fully AI-augmented contact centre, capable of offering better experiences for customers and businesses alike. Talkdesk is avoiding the competition in the email and collaboration space, and looking for a way to shake up the much-ignored contact centre for the first time in years, empowering agents with real information. This could be exactly what the customer experience world has been looking for.


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