The Rise of Chatbots: AI and the Customer World

Bots and the Call Centre Environment

The Rise of Chatbots: AI and the Customer World

Over the years, numerous call centre environments have been searching for new ways that they can reduce the costs of handling calls, while still providing the level of support their customers expect. Automation makes life more convenient for call centres, and that’s why we’ve seen developments in the form of interactive voice response units, or IVR.

Although IVR remains something of a staple for self-service in call centres today, it’s not really a popular solution for customers. In fact, it’s often quite frustrating. Some companies have also turned to using FAQs on their websites to help ensure that their customers call them less frequently and mobile apps are attempting to remove the pressure against live agents.

Call Centres and Self Service

It’s worth noting that today’s customers aren’t against the concept of self-service. They’re fine with it as long as it feels natural and helpful. Usually, FAQs don’t answer customer questions, and while IVRs sometimes can, they feel annoyingly awkward to use. Again, mobile apps are awkwardly formatted and customers are searching for something that’s more intelligent, and more human.

Chatbots are automated agents that communicate with customers through chat. Though they started as an expensive option, their increased accessibility has meant that they’re appearing on the mobile apps and websites of companies of various shapes and sizes. Thanks to a host of user-experience based features, AI is improving daily operations everywhere. In fact, many small businesses have begun to invest in Chatbots as a way to simplify their customer service.

The Benefits of the Chatbot Revolution

Although some companies are still wary of the chatbot revolution, it’s worth noting that those who are willing to invest are finding that they no longer need to spend excessive amounts of money and time responding to all of their customer queries individually. That means that business processes can be more effectively streamlined with bots that act in a friendly, and human manner.

Unlike IVR solutions, chatbots are clever, quick, and easier to interact with for customers. Thanks to machine-learning technology, they can offer customers the instant service that they need, and thousands of developers are currently building and improving these solutions on a daily basis. In fact, thanks to Kik and WhatsApp, as well as Facebook messenger, we’re seeing almost constant improvements in AI.

Chatbots today can have real and valuable conversations with customers, where they listen to their problems and offer relevant information in return. These bots can actually help customers, and that’s what businesses need. According to some experts, there’s some indication that chatbots may eventually replace the standard search window entirely. Some iPhone users are now bypassing the option of opening their browser window to instead ask Siri for answers to their questions. In the same way, virtual assistants will be used by chatbot companies to help customers access a range of different solutions to common tasks.

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