Serenova Reveals Partnership with Key IVR

Collaborating to keep data safe

Serenova Reveals Partnership with Key IVR

Serenova, a company dedicated to simplifying every aspect of the customer experience strategy, recently announced a strategic partnership with Key IVR. Key IVR is a prominent secure payment provider, offering support to contact centres over the cloud. Together, CCaaS provider Serenova, and Key IVR will be able to provide an agent-assisted payment solution through the cloud to customer-focused organisations.

Even the most complicated contact centres will now have access to a more flexible and comprehensive solution, intended to protect them from sensitive payment data. As the foundation of a company’s customer data collection strategy, contact centres can often face high levels of risk for data security. The Serenova CxEngage solution, combined with Key IVR’s agent assisted payment service will give stronger security to companies as they manage customer experience.

Giving Customers the Protection They Deserve

According to the CEO of Serenova, John Lynch, companies today can easily lose their customer’s loyalty through breaches of customer information. Integrating with Key IVR’s payment solutions gives Serenova an opportunity to provide better peace of mind to their customers. The integration also allows agents to access the tools necessary to deliver tangible benefits to their customers.

Together, Key IVR and Serenova will offer customers a more effective way of improving both the customer and agent experience with PCI-DSS regulations. When customers need to make payments via contact centres, the agents can remain in contact with those customers, while seamlessly protecting their data. Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) tones are suppressed, and real-time dashboards provide partial customer information, so that the screen recordings, call recordings, and agents are never exposed to sensitive data.

According to the CTO and CEO of Key IVR, Darren Wooding, organisations are facing significant pressure to address the security risks of confidential and unprotected customer data. Now that data privacy is more important to consumers than ever; it’s essential for companies to access a strategy that allows their contact centres to mitigate problems with customer information.

Delivering High-Level Security Throughout the Contact Centre

Darren Wooding

Darren Wooding

The integrated solution that Key IVR and Serenova will be able to offer through their partnership will ensure that joint customers have access to the tools they need to protect their customers and contact centre alike. The secured and automated payment solution will make data processing simpler for everyone involved.

Key IVR has long had a reputation for providing state-of-the-art secure cloud payment solutions to companies around the globe. They protect hundreds of businesses and customers every day with their innovative security strategies. Earlier in 2019, Serenova was also awarded the PCI-DSS Level 1 certification – which is the highest industry rating available when it comes to payment data security. This certification is intended to ensure that all organisations accepting and processing data maintain secure environments for that information. Serenova’s PCI-class solution, combined with Key IVR’s PCI-DSS level 1 certification ensures that customers have access to the highest levels of payment safety for the contact centre.


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