A Solution for GDPR Compliance? Now that’s a NICE Idea

NICE releases the GDPR Compliance Centre

A Solution for GDPR Compliance? Now that’s a NICE Idea

The European Union’s deadline for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is drawing ever-closer, and many companies remain woefully underprepared. In a world where managing and storing huge amounts of data has become more complex than ever, it’s not surprising that so many businesses have begun to turn to industry experts for help getting their houses in order.

Set to arrive on the 25th of May 2018, the GDPR is the biggest and most transformative reform in data protection law for the last 20 years. That means that you can rest assured that it’s going to have a significant global impact on anyone who works with consumer information. Failure to prepare for the change means that your organisation could end up facing some hefty fines.

The good news? NICE is now releasing their complete end-to-end compliance solution for GDPR in contact centres. The brand hopes that the new development will help to simplify the implementation of new strategies for data governance, in support of today’s digitally transforming business.

Introducing the GDPR Compliance Centre

The aptly named GDPR Compliance Centre developed by NICE is an innovative strategy for companies who need support to meet the requirements of the upcoming laws of the General Data Protection Regulation in their contact centre environment. The solution from NICE simplifies the implementation of mechanisms that allow companies to process private and recorded data for better transparency.

Essentially, the centre is designed to follow the rules that were set in place for GDPR around proactive, and corrective actions with data management. If you aren’t sure how to organise your information for compliance purposes, then NICE can give you a unique view of the “privacy by design” approach

According to the president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, Miki Migdal, the GDPR compliance centre could be a significant resource for companies in the coming months, as privacy becomes a more crucial aspect of managing regulations, and supporting the customer experience. The NICE service uses the company’s industry-leading analytics tech to make it easier for organisations to meet new regulatory requirements.

What to Expect from The Compliance Centre

The NICE GDPR Compliance Centre comes packed with solutions for the transformative contact centre, including a range of carefully-designed dashboards that keep track of data governance process on your behalf. Because the system watches over compliance issues for you, it can notify companies whenever they might be approaching a potential vulnerability or breach.

The GDPR system also comes with plenty of optional capabilities that allow businesses to satisfy customer requests quickly and safely, including strategies for the “right to access data”, and the somewhat more confusing “right to be forgotten”.

The Compliance Centre is based on the market-leading recording solution by NICE, known as Engage. This allows companies to record and verify the consent of their clients, and it also offers sophisticated encryption methods, dedicated processes for anonymisation, and controls for authorisation too.

The NICE Compliance Centre is fully packed with strategies for everything from record keeping to MiFID II protection, HIPAA, CFPB, Sec-17 and many more. For today’s businesses, it could be the first step towards a more secure business.

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