Speech Intelligence and Omnichannel Key for 2019

Tollring reveals the key "Margin Unlockers" for next year

Speech Intelligence and Omnichannel Key for 2019

Software development and communication analytics company Tollring released some significant predictions this week, about the future of the market in 2019. In a discussion about the critical technology that will be driving success in the year to come, the CEO for Tollring, Tony Martino looked at everything from analytics, to omnichannel.

According to Martino, 2018 was the “year of analytics,” where every business, no matter its size began to see the benefits of the vast amounts of data we interact with every day. According to Tony, in 2019, analytics services will become even more accessible to a wide range of companies, improving the potential options for customer engagement and satisfaction.

Customer Experience in 2019

Tollring believes that in 2019, it will be crucial to create a consistently fantastic customer experience for any business to stay ahead. Already, often-cited studies say that experience is set to take over product and price as the fundamental differentiator for companies by 2020. For Tollring, the two technologies leading the way to this evolution are omnichannel and speech intelligence.

Martino believes that one of the biggest problems that companies have had with investing in customer experience lately has been the difficulty of measuring results. However, in 2019, it may be that we begin to see a rise of new technology that makes managing the customer experience even easier. Tollring believes that businesses of all sizes will have what they need to unlock the data that exists in all of their customer service channels – not just in the contact centre.

Tollring has a keen insight into the market as a software developer that provides business intelligence and data visualisation tools. In recent years, the company has seen how their technology, the iCall Suite, has helped businesses to access and control a more extensive selection of communications information.

Holistic Insights for Businesses

In the years ahead, Tollring and the leaders within the business believe that an ongoing access to comprehensive insights will be critical to business success. The more that companies can learn about their customer’s sentiment and journeys, the easier it will be for those businesses to manage things like customer-facing teams with in-depth, intelligent analytics.

Going forward, analytical solutions will support everything from decision-making to enhanced sales journeys. Tollring has already begun to preview new omnichannel and speech intelligence software as part of their portfolio to provider partners. In a press release, Tony said that he has already seen how this technology brings significant value to customers. Martino finished by saying that 2018 has been a fantastic year for Tollring, and that 2019 looks as though it could be even better.

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