Storacall ST Professional Review: A Call Recording Solution You Can Count On

Keep a record of any verbal communication, with Storacall ST

Storacall ST Professional Review: A Call Recording Solution You Can Count On

As a company that has spent over 40 years developing high quality, innovative call recording solutions for a wide variety of small to enterprise level businesses across the globe, there is much to be expected from Storacall and the services they offer.

With this in mind, we shall be writing an in-depth review on one of the company’s most popular products, the Storacall ST Professional, giving an helpful evaluation of its features as well as our professional opinion on which types of businesses would benefit most from this product.

Before we continue, however, we must inform all readers that we are not selling this product and any information we give is simply free advice that should be used as a useful guide for potential buyers.

Why do businesses use Call Recording?

In the world of business it always pays to have something solid to fall back on if anything ever goes wrong. For companies such as contact centres that make/receive a vast number of phone calls on a daily basis, often dealing with sensitive information, verbal agreements and the general exchange of important details, it is always a good idea to keep a record of everything that is discussed in case it is ever needed for reference at a later date. By doing this, companies are able to cover their backs if ever any legal issues arise by having a full audio copy of whatever conversation took place at hand to use as evidence in a court of law. Similarly, Call recording is a excellent way to monitor staff performance when taking calls and can be used as a learning tool to help improve staff productivity and telephone manner.

What is the Storacall ST Professional?

In a nutshell, the Storacall ST Professional is a call recording solution designed to help small to medium sized businesses gain greater control over the security of their phone system at a reasonable price. Offering an abundance of high-end features that are suitable for both single or multiple sites, the Storacall ST Professional is incredibly flexible and can be utilised in a number of different business settings via a user-friendly and fully customisation web-based interface.

What benefits can the Storacall ST Professional offer?

As an extremely versatile product that supports the recording of analogue trunks/extensions, IP trunks, SIP trunks, Basic Rate ISDN, Primary Rate ISDN, Hosted VoIP and the vast majority of digital, IP and SIP handsets, the Storacall ST Professional promises to meet the requirements of a wide variety of businesses and can still be used if ever a company decides to switch its infrastructure from analogue to digital. For this reason, many businesses choose the Storacall ST Professional as is built for longevity and promises to adapt to any changes made in a business as it grows in size.

Moreover, the Storacall ST Professional also integrates well with a wide range of PBX, ACDs, communication equipment and CTI Middleware as well as offering hosted, cloud call recording for businesses that choose to use external storage. By giving businesses the option to store their data internally, externally or with a hybrid of both systems, the Storacall ST Professional is a highly flexible solution that can adapt to suit the needs of any company.

For a single Storacall ST Professional server, businesses can use between 2 and 120 channels of call recording per box and larger corporations with multiple sites can increase the capacity by linking multiple networks together with a seamless unified user interface. By creating this centralised back up point, businesses are easily able to manage large volumes of calls from a single point therefore drastically reducing costly administration overheads.

As well as this, by using advanced voice compression technology, the Storacall ST Professional is also a very efficient tool that minimises storage space and the low bandwidth audio streaming means that recordings can be retrieved quickly with minimal effort and puts much less strain on the network. Adding to this, retrieval of recorded conversations can be achieved easily over the Internet by searching for specific dates in which the call was made. Once found, the file can then be selected, saved and sent to a users email account.

What types of businesses will benefit most from this solution?

Any business that is looking for a full proof call recording solution that can adapt and grow alongside their company would benefit massively from this product. However, if we had to choose just one type of business environment that we believe this product would really flourish in, we’d have to say that large scale, multi-site corporations such as call centres would hugely appreciate the features the Storacall ST Professional has to offer.

What do we think?

Overall, when considering the price, the features offered and the drastic increase in security, not to mention the longevity of the product and ease of use, we believe the Storacall ST Professional is a wise investment for any business and strongly recommend anyone searching for a call recording solution to choose this.

Having said that, our opinion is only one opinion and we are very interested in hearing about any experiences our readers have had with this product in an active business settings. With this in mind, if any of our readers feel they want to write a review about the Storacall ST Professional, they can find a section of the bottom of the page where they can submit their comments along with a star rating for other potential buyers to see. If you’re in search for call recording providers see our market guide.

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