Talkative and Salesforce Join Forces

Providing Web-Driven contact centre solutions

Talkative and Salesforce Join Forces

Talkative, a technology company committed to building website-driven contact centre solutions, has partnered with customer service giant, Salesforce. The two companies are now working together to provide a website-driven, all-in-one contact centre for Salesforce Service Cloud users.

The Talkative solution provides agents with the tools that they need to manage any customer interactions, including voice calls, webchats, emails, and more from a centralised dashboard which integrates into the Salesforce Service Cloud. Talkative is responding to an often-ignored need for web-centric contact centre systems. The company believes that communication needs to be more contextual for customers and agents alike, with more customer journeys starting online than ever before.

Bringing Salesforce and Talkative Together

Talkative’s unique offering for Salesforce was designed to close the gap between contact centres and websites, in an age where customer interactions are becoming increasingly digital. According to Felix Winstone, Director at Talkative, businesses are beginning to see their customer contact solutions coming more frequently from online customer journeys. However, traditional voice contact centre solutions aren’t fully equipped to handle those interactions.

This usually means that businesses take a disconnected approach where digital marketing teams are deploying chat systems for app or website engagement. However, this activity often leads to fragmented customer journeys and ineffective contact centres. On the other hand, companies with website/digital customer contact solutions can provide more amazing customer service for users in the midst of an online journey.

The agent side of the contextual communication environment is where Salesforce comes in. By embedding communication tools into Salesforce, the agent has a single view of the customer, and can, therefore, be better armed to assist them.

Website-Centric Customer Contact

Felix Winstone

Felix Winstone

The Talkative solution for Salesforce brings a website-centric solution into Salesforce, and it’s being used by global brands already who want to take a more forward-thinking approach to customer care. This solution comes packed with a variety of features, specially designed to improve customer care by placing an emphasis on the online journey.

Agents can easily escalate a conversation from a chat into a voice call with just a click of a button, and they’re able to contextualise inquiries by using customer journey maps. This provides a better overview of the pages that the user visited on the website during their current digital session. Already, the functionality has been used by many Talkative clients to increase customer satisfaction, reduce chat abandonment rates, and more.


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