Talkdesk and Zoom Create Customer-Centric Contact Centres

Zoom and Talkdesk join forces

Talkdesk and Zoom Create Customer-Centric Contact Centres

Talkdesk, one of the leading cloud contact centre solutions for innovative enterprises, recently launched a new integration with Zoom, the innovators in cloud video meetings. This new partnership allows contact centres to be more customer-centric, through an updated integration that expands the pool of available employees in a contact centre. This means that businesses can aid from departments and sectors outside of the traditional contact centre, allowing for more precise support to match each customer’s particular needs.

The Talkdesk Zoom integration could be pivotal to improving operational efficiency and customer service for the modern customer. According to Eric Yuan, the Chief Executive Officer of Zoom, the company is proud to have Talkdesk as part of its contact centre program, so that Zoom can continue to offer more seamless experiences to clients.

Talkdesk and Zoom Join Forces

Eric Yuan

Eric Yuan

With the new Talkdesk Zoom integration, contact centres will be able to combine the power of Zoom phone for their video and voice communications, with the benefits of Talkdesk in a seamless experience that allows users to make and receive more calls through a single voice channel. Existing phone numbers from the Zoom Phone space can also be used within Talkdesk, allowing customers to retain their preferred provider, while still accessing the full suite of products available.

Talkdesk Zoom clients get a consistent telephony provider environment and avoid the additional expenses associated with routing calls between a host of different carriers too. The Zoom and Talkdesk integration also adds value to ongoing communication efforts by providing efficient and quick SIP trunk peering solutions, as well as intuitive call routing. These features will increase productivity with a more productive experience, contributing to the overall growth of the customer journey.

The Rise of Product Integrations

Product integrations are quickly becoming the key to the future success of contact centre platforms. Through direct integrations with Zoom and extensibility via product add-ons and AppConnect, Talkdesk is making it easier for customers to access enhanced benefits and capabilities. With Talkdesk Zoom collaboration, customers will be able to leverage best-of-breed solutions for business communications.

Tiago Paiva

Tiago Paiva

Talkdesk Zoom integration offers a seamless and unified experience between unified communications platforms and contact centres. Unlike other offerings that have relied on traditional approaches that keep contact centre and UC spaces separate, the integration of solutions through Zoom and Talkdesk will significantly reduce frustrations and costs for business users going forward.

The Talkdesk and Zoom integration is just one of a series of exciting innovations that Talkdesk is investing in to help deliver more value to their target customers. According to Tiago Paiva, the CEO of Talkdesk, easily connecting agents with the back office and front-end will allow for more seamless customer experiences going forward.


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