Talkdesk Delivers “Context Mobile”: A Self-Service Revolution

Talkdesk introduce another innovation for the contact centre

Talkdesk Delivers “Context Mobile”: A Self-Service Revolution

As customer experience management becomes more of a significant issue in contact centres around the world, communications solution Talkdesk have introduced “Context Mobile”, to better-empower customer service agents. Context Mobile appears as part of the overall Talkdesk Context suite, which provides real-time information on customer activity.

The idea behind Context Mobile is that agents will be able to access up-to-the-minute information about the user they’re speaking to, to deliver more relevant, personalised support. Agents become more efficient, and customers get faster, more accurate support.

A Proactive Approach to Customer Service

Importantly, Talkdesk considers Context Mobile to be a “real-time” solution to managing customer interactions. Unlike analytics into customer journeys that require agents to look back over previous experiences, the Context Mobile service means that Talkdesk users can view information about in-app activity from a user before they even answer a call.

From the moment a customer tries to connect with an agent, Context Mobile will give them direct access to all the critical information they need to know about the caller, including their address, name, and account number. It’s simultaneously a CRM system and mobile solution, giving agents the insight to begin solving an issue the moment they pick up the phone.

The Potential of Context Mobile

To put the possibilities of this new Talkdesk development into perspective, let’s imagine an example:

Say you were trying to book train tickets through an application, but you didn’t want to complete your purchase before checking if the train has a charging station for your laptop. Calling the company would traditionally mean going through a range of different processing requirements, where agents ask repeated questions about your name, order number, and more.

Using the Context Mobile system, Talkdesk agents can simply look at the incoming data about the caller, and respond to their needs immediately, without any need to ask for information about what kind of train they’re booking tickets on, or what time they’re planning on taking their trip. The whole process is simplified into a couple of simple steps, making life easier for agents and customers alike.

What’s more, with the “Talkdesk call back” form, customers can avoid waiting for information from an agent, by simply asking for a callback whenever the next available agent is ready. This feature gives more options to today’s empowered customer, who prefers self-service over waiting around for an agent response.

Why Did Talkdesk Take this Route?

You might wonder why Talkdesk has focused on improving the customer self-service experience, instead of focusing on other areas where they might be able to improve service accessibility. For instance, at this time, Talkdesk doesn’t offer any support for chat or email applications. But the simple reason for that is that they just don’t want to.

Talkdesk isn’t interested in managing email when there is already a host of other companies facing that problem. Instead, they want to focus on improving the real-time customer service environment, where customers crave a more immediate response to their issues.

Talkdesk Context Mobile is the company’s approach to revolutionising the contact centre by improving customer satisfaction and agent efficiency. Additionally, the brand plans on offering an open API to the mix in coming months, so that developers can embed the solution into their own applications. With more updates planned for the future, stay tuned to learn more about what comes next.

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