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Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces Launched During CX Tour London

Get all the latest from Talkdesk's CX Tour London, including details on the launch of Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces

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UC Today attended the London Leg of Talkdesk’s global CX Tour. The CX Tour gathers together a selection of Talkdesk’s customers, partners and a range of customer experience experts to discuss and debate the latest trends and future technologies that could improve CX provision.

Presenter Patrick is joined in this video by Tiago Paiva, CEO, of Talkdesk and then by Jafar Adibi who is Talkdesk’s Head of AI.

Firstly Patrick speaks with Tiago in general about the CX Tour and the ethos behind it. Tiago explains that the tour dates provide Talkdesk with the opportunity to engage with customers and prospects in different regions around the world, updating them on its latest strategies and new product developments.

During his keynote speech at the London event Tiago was explaining that innovation is one of three key pillars behind Talkdesk’s success. With this in mind Talkdesk announced the launch of Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces.

Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces

Effectively Talkdesk Hyrid Spaces allow organisations, using the Talkdesk platform, to divide their estates between private and public clouds for the first time. Tiago explains that this solution was developed out of requests from enterprise customers who have specific requirements surrounding data privacy and security.

“Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces gives our customers the flexibility to leverage the benefits of cloud at their own pace, on their own terms,”

Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces will allow customer service providers to utilise the Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center, taking advantage of the innovation, processing capabilities, agility and cost-efficiency of the public cloud, whilst complying with the enterprise-grade networking and security requirements of private cloud. The solution also provides the ability to easily transition from more legacy on premises solutions to private Talkdesk storage with the processing power of a public cloud.

Allowing its customers to leverage the best of both worlds Talkdesk’s latest innovation will enable customisable enterprise-grade policies and easy integration with specific internal security and IT requirements, safeguarding sensitive customer data through cutting-edge security standards built into Talkdesk’s enterprise-class security frameworks.

Artificial Intelligence Key in Customer Experience

Patrick then talks to Jafar Adibi about the importance of artificial intelligence technology within customer experience environments, and within Talkdesk’s portfolio. Jafar takes Patrick through a summary of his speech during the London CX Tour. This covers details on how Talkdesk is leveraging AI technology to drastically improve various areas within contact centre processes including analytics and performance.

Jafar explains that three factors are key to the successful use of AI. Every call is vital to the collection of data, providing a true picture of customer experiences and journeys throughout an organisation’s departments without missing crucial insights. The second critical factor is that this data must be leveraged in real-time, allowing organisations to immediately react to negate detrimental outcomes. Finally the importance of agents within the process. Talkdesk have developed several features which aim to improve both the experience, and effectiveness, of agents within contact centre environments.

There are also several key areas where Jafar believes AI can have a hugely beneficial impact and he talks Patrick through these, as well as providing practical examples where Talkdesk’s products can enhance processes. IVR optimisation and agent augmentation have already been developed and Jafar explains the dramatic results that these can have on an organisation.

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Presenter Patrick Watson with Jafar Adibi and Tiago Paiva.

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