The Sky’s the Limit as AMC Technology launch DaVinci!

World leading contact centre CRM specialists, AMC Technology, have announced the launch of their pure cloud platform

The Sky’s the Limit as AMC Technology launch DaVinci!

Earlier this year UC Today bought you the news that AMC Technology, one of the world’s leaders in contact centre and communication CRM integration, were set to launch their pure cloud platform, and now it is here. DaVinci is the culmination of AMC’s 23 years of experience and investment in the CRM and contact centre integration arena. The brand new, pure cloud platform, aims to assist organisations journeys to cloud-based CRM and contact center solutions.

CTO and founder of AMC, Anthony Uliano spoke to UC Today to tell us all about their latest offering which he believes can radically transform the market.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am for my company to launch DaVinci. We’ve been working behind the scenes for well over a year and it’s great to see our vision come to reality. I look forward to everyone trying out DaVinci and getting feedback from the industry as a whole.”

Anthony explains that they have approached the inception of DaVinci from the most innovative perspective, with the end goal of making the platform as effective and transformative as possible for customers. The platform is application based so customers can add a variety of pre-existing and custom apps to their DaVinci profile and be up and running with CRM integration in minutes. The platform will be immediately available with prefabricated CRM applications designed to cater for all the major players within the industry such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. There will also be pre-built applications for communication tools like Skype for Business, Amazon Connect, Vonage/Nexmo, RingCentral, and Twilio Flex. The platform will also include a pre-built app to Picasso, AMC’s premise Contact Canvas platform and this wealth of readily available connectivity will enable customers to quickly design and implement a unique agent experience.


From the outset, AMC have been focused on enhancing the benefits for customers by aligning a variety of communication channels through this application-based architecture. The apps are housed within DaVinci’s cloud framework, which enables each app to share data and events with other apps. This gives DaVinci the ability to manage presence across channels, collect agent and channel metrics, and share data with CRM applications. Features like screen pop, activity creation, call notes, omni-channel routing, and advanced reporting are all possible across a wide variety of channels.

Anthony explains how the unique features of DaVinci can be hugely advantageous for organisations in the real world who want to utilise multiple platforms.

“Customers, for example, could configure Skype for Business for agent to agent chatting, Twilio Flex for voice and customer chat, and Vonage / Nexmo for SMS handling. All these channels would be available for the agent and DaVinci would manage them all whileallowing customers to mix the best of breed solutions to provide a seamless agent experience.”

This ability for DaVinci to consolidate different communication platforms and present them as one seamless experience for an agent, will enable organisations to optimise their selection of communication tools and massively enhance end customer experiences. The tool selected for each communication channel can be selected purely on its merit and benefits, rather than the ease of its integration into a CRM system.

“We’re going beyond other solutions in the market, by creating even deeper CRM integration. In addition to the standard features typical softphone toolbars offer, AMC has a whole effort around what we call Interaction Augmentation, where we are augmenting what the agent is already doing through additional automated support.”

As an example, AMC will be offering real-time language translation across the applications that support text based channels. This will allow agents to have text-based communication translated in real-time. On top of that AMC will provide sentiment analysis for each interaction that can be presented to the agent for immediate feedback and stored within the CRM system for enhanced reporting and training. These sorts of enhancements can dramatically enhance an organisation’s ability to evaluate, and improve their CX provision. Using contextual analysis, the DaVinci platform will also be able to present suggestions to the agent, like knowledge base articles or search for existing cases, without the agent being required to initiate those searches. All of these features are designed to save agents and their companies time whilst improving the efficiency and efficacy of the contact centre.

AMC have designed DaVinci to ensure that it caters for customers during every stage of their potential migration to cloud based contact centres or CPaaS platforms.

“For many years, we’ve provided CRM integration for premise communication solutions from Avaya, Cisco, and Aspect through Picasso, recently renamed, our Contact Canvas for premise platform. When we developed DaVinci, we knew it was critical to provide a bridge from the premise to the cloud, so we developed a Picasso App for DaVinci.”

The custom-built Picasso App will allow customers to continue to leverage their premise-based platforms but also take advantage of the new and innovative features offered by the next generation of cloud-based offerings. Configuration options within the application give customers the choice when it comes to migrating users. Organisations can choose to complete that process over time, moving from the premise to the cloud, or maintain their existing premise communication platform, while benefitting from new channels being offered by CPaaS providers.

“All of this configuration is made possible through our Creators Studio, a web-based portal where companies can browse available apps, add and configure apps, and add users easily. Our info-card based interface makes it easy to select and configure your apps, so you can be up and running quickly.”

Deployment solutions were a key focus for AMC during the design phases of DaVinci with their aim to provide a simple and user friendly customisation process. In a typical deployment, an admin will be able to create an account with Creators Studio, login and select their CRM App, and one or more channel Apps. The admin will then be able to select each app’s Info Card, which will lead them through the basic configuration required.

“We’re expecting the typical configuration to take no more than 15 minutes and without any server infrastructure deployment.”

“In our first release, we’ve kept Creators Studio simple, so customers can quickly see the value DaVinci can provide, but we have an “expert-mode” as well, that provides advanced configuration options, for things like setting custom reason codes, creating multiple profiles, and even creating your own DaVinci App. If you’re interested in this during our initial launch, let us know and we’ll flip the Expert Mode switch.”

DaVinci is now available directly from AMC, and will be shown this week at Dreamforce, Salesforce annual user conference. Until the end of the year, DaVinci is available free of charge to customers. DaVinci appears to transform the way in which CRM and communication systems can interact. AMC have focused on developing a solution that matches and exceeds an organisation’s expectations of what can be accomplished, using their 23 years of industry expertise. So if you leverage the full power of DaVinci it really does appear that the sky is the limit.


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