Tollring Introduces New Mid-Market Contact Centre Solution

New collaborative agent-supervisor consoles from Tollring

Tollring Introduces New Mid-Market Contact Centre Solution

Innovators in analytics and recording solutions, Tollring, recently launched its new iCall Suite contact centre offering, through the Cisco BroadWorks platform. Optimised to support modern mid-market teams with customer-facing roles. The solution delivers new agent and supervisor consoles for agent management, team analytics, collaboration, and call control.

Customers of iCall Suite on the BroadWorks platform can now gain better insight into their contact centre operations, and how they relate to their business performance. Improved visibility into the customer journey inside and outside of the contact centre will help organisations to boost staff productivity and customer satisfaction.

Improving Contact Centre Performance

Mid-sized companies that want to manage the performance of smaller distributed and multi-functional teams will have access to all the proven abilities of larger contact centre management tools through Tollring. The new collaborative environments help supervisors to understand interactions with customers, predict trends, and influencer agent performance. Agents on the front line also gain more control over customer communications and access to performance views to check agent outcomes.

CEO of Tollring, Tony Martino, said that the company has been delivering call management tools to the mid-market for years now, focusing on visualisation, communications reporting, and call recording. Now, the company is providing a whole new level of contact centre solutions, empowering supervisors to make real-time decisions and drive higher performance from agents. Users have access to the exact tools required to do their job effectively and enhance customer outcomes.

Mid-market enterprises will be able to access the new subscription licenses in the iCall Suite for end-to-end agent productivity and customer journey management. Key features include:

  • CRM integration through APIs
  • Dedicated supervisor console for monitoring calls and agents
  • KPI insights displayed on live calls
  • Support for automated callbacks in line with prioritization policies
  • Help to optimize resources with predictive modelling
  • Script uploading
  • Agent presence and management of agent breaks
  • Supervisor-agent collaboration with notifications and chat
  • Dedicated agent consoles for call management
  • Script presentation

Supporting Better Experiences in the Contact Centre

Supervisors with access to collaboration tools, predictive resource modelling, and analytics will gain a better understanding of agent performance. This leads to better real-time decision making. The supervisor console provides a complete view of performance across call queues. Agents can manage live calls, monitor interactions, and access recordings. Supervisors also get to measure customer experience in real-time based on agent availability.

The dedicated agent console also provides more support for agents, who can see live call and customer information with integrations to the CRM system. There’s support for call backs, chat capabilities, scheduling, and call escalation to allow for meaningful customer experiences.

Tollring’s iCall Suite integrates with all the leading platforms for calling, offering complete visibility across all customer-facing elements of the organisation for teams. Leaders can assess the contact centre and beyond from a single portal. The new contact centre agent and supervisor consoles are available through Tollring’s scalable subscription licensing model.



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