Transforming Customer Contact with Olive

Discussing Eurocamp with Olive Communications

Transforming Customer Contact with Olive

Today’s businesses across all industries are under a huge amount of pressure. In an increasingly competitive environment, brands need to prove to their customers that they have something truly special to offer. The best way to do this is through the delivery of reliable and memorable moments of customer service. Unfortunately, a lot of organisations struggle to create the consistent omnichannel experience that their users need, while also maintaining security.

Olive Communications, a leading cloud communications provider holding some of the highest accreditations with leading network operator Vodafone and Unified Communications and Contact Centre provider Mitel,  manage integrated communication technology on behalf of their customers to help them succeed in their digital transformation efforts in the quest to deliver simply brilliant customer experiences. Recently, Olive released information about a successful implementation of a new Mitel solution with Eurocamp, the European leader for mobile home holidays.

I caught up with Kieron Flood, Client Director at Olive, to learn more about the successful project.

Seamless, Integrated Infrastructure

Kieron Flood

Kieron Flood

Olive focuses on guiding its clients through the evolution from siloed communication services to a more seamless, integrated infrastructure all delivered from Olive’s Cloud Managed Service Platform, a single place to consume best of breed technology and hyper-personalisation through integrated APIs, taking customer experience to a new level.

“One thing that the businesses we work with have in common is the underlying desire to deliver an excellent customer experience. They want to allow customers to interact with them through the channel of their choice. In that way, all of our clients have similar challenges to face.”

According to Flood, as the marketplace continues to evolve, customers won’t want to spend time navigating IVRs trying to find the right department or person, they want the ability to self-serve and if not they want to speak to someone appropriately skilled to handle their query quickly and via their chosen communication channel – whether this be Voice, Email, Webchat, Social Media or even WhatsApp.

Eurocamp had a multi-channel system in place to handle the majority of customer channels, however it wasn’t stable, and the previous provider wasn’t keeping up with emerging contact channels. That’s where Olive stepped in.

Streamlining Customer Service

Ultimately, Eurocamp’s existing contact centre system just wasn’t suitable for the kind of experiences that the business wanted to create. According to Flood, they were challenged by a number of things, including system reliability,  and solutions for emerging customer channels.

“Whilst the old system handled multi-channel, it was, in reality, two systems (voice and non-voice) pieced together to cope with the growing demand for omni-channel communications. Whilst the agents didn’t directly feel the impact of this, the real time management and reporting proved more complicated, resulting in operational inefficiencies. Now, there truly is one system benefiting both the agents and the operations team. Simple tasks such as assigning calls to specific agents based on who is available and who has the right skillset is now much simpler, delivering a much better customer experience.”

Olive’s position as a global company means that it can offer better support and redundancy for companies like Eurocamp. “They might transact with a customer in the UK via the phone, but that customer could end up on a camping trip in Germany where their channel preference may change. Eurocamp needs to be able to offer the same experience across all channels, no matter the country.”

A Platform for Success

By migrating to a modern Mitel cloud service, Eurocamp was able to achieve its goals of building a stronger platform for growth. “Eurocamp’s strategy was to build a foundation that allowed them to proliferate when they need to. Through the APIs in Olive’s Cloud Managed Service Platform (CMSP), they can add functionality and expand however and whenever they choose.”

“Eurocamp had a need for a service that would give them the freedom to evolve naturally and Mitel’s Cloud service was the obvious choice, providing Eurocamp with an open platform allowing them to consume future technology in the most simple manner, whilst offering their customers innovative ways of interacting with them in the future. The company has already embraced the omni-channel environment, combining voice, chat, and email in their contact centre.”

With the Mitel offering, Eurocamp has access to a single pane of glass for their agents, as well as their managerial team.

“The agent gets a simple-to-use system, with a more contextually-rich environment,”

“Everything they need is in the same platform, and this integrated service means that agents can solve issues faster and deliver better customer experiences. On the reporting side, there is now much more visibility.”

Adapt and Scale

The integrated environment ensures that Eurocamp has the necessary toolkit required to strengthen its customer experience solution. At the same time, they can benefit from reduced business disruption through Olive’s resilient Cloud-based design.

“Having everything moved into a single service delivers a huge number of benefits from a disaster recovery perspective. The combined environment will allow for the delivery of a better customer experience, as well as a stronger foundation for future development.”

The new service allows Eurocamp to access a new level of predictability and scale. The company can consume tools and applications in a new way, and access information that they never would have been able to use before. “The Olive and Mitel relationship also means that Eurocamp can start to explore the use of technology such as AI and Machine Learning in their contact centres, which will provision for better access to information for strategic business decisions.”

Much of the benefit of the Eurocamp case comes from the company’s new-found ability to evolve and adapt at scale, with plenty of new data available from a reliable single-pane of glass.

The Right Platform and the Right Partner

For companies to benefit from the same kind of transformation as Eurocamp, all it takes is the right platform and the right expertise. “The unique thing about Olive is that we’re so flexible. Mitel is just one of tools that we use in our contact centre platforms. We’re agnostic when it comes to technology. Everything we work with is built on open APIs, within our Olive built Cloud Managed Service Platform, so we can keep building and stay flexible. We’re not just bound to a single vendor or technology approach.”

Nicola Wood, Head of Customer Contact at Eurocamp, commented,

“Moving to Mitel with Olive has without a doubt been a very wise decision for our business”

“We are now working in a stable environment with very limited downtime, and we’re able to work with Olive on embracing emerging customer contact channels. These were our main two goals and reasons for moving for our old supplier and software provider to Olive and Mitel.”

The CMSP is a unique offering that allows Olive Communications to build a tailor-made digital transformation strategy for each brand that it works with.

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