UC Insights 2018: UJET – Modernising Customer Service Platforms in 2018

UJET explain how customer services can catch-up with rapidly advancing user demands

UC Insights 2018: UJET – Modernising Customer Service Platforms in 2018

We’ve all experienced it, contacting a company’s customer support phone line so that they can try to troubleshoot a technical issue with a device.

“It’s painful, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack, blindfolded with voice prompts”

Those are the words of CEO Anand Janefalkar, whose company UJET aim to modernise the way in which customer services are provided. We chatted with him about their platforms and the ways in which he hopes to change customer service provision.

Tell us about UJET and the drivers for the business

Anand explained to us how their software platform streamlines the management of customer service interaction for end users. Improving both the end user experience but also the efficiency of the service agents with simply integrated plugin tools.

Anand knows the pain of poor customer services all too well. With personal experience of issues when trying to log his surname in support tickets over the phone, he has been inspired to transform customer service provision.

“Every company that has a service or is selling a product provides customer support and it’s not delightful today – the reason why people are not hanging up happy, is not because of the people but because of archaic platforms underneath”

“Despite it (customer services) being a well-defined industry, I think it is a good decade or two behind the times and it is also an industry which is completely devoid of user experience

UJET aim to change that. Their customer interaction platform offers a holistic experience for voice and chat channels that customers can reach in-app, on the web, and through traditional call routes. Replacing the complex and costly systems of lines, and contact numbers with a simple SDK to transform the customer’s experience. Ensuring that service provided is suitable for the modern world of smartphone and mobile device users.

What’s the value proposition of UJET?

Although improvements in the customer experience are the final goal, UJET’s platform doesn’t neglect the other vital facets within the process. They have three unique customer sets: the end user, the agent providing the customer service and the management or admin personnel. Integrating natively with CRM packages, such as Salesforce and Zendesk, UJET enables telephony and chat functionality to be seamlessly added into service environments. Agent service is enhanced by the increased features enabled by having the power of a fully featured canvas Iframe app, as opposed to a dumb softphone.

“With the click of a button you can request a finger print verification, or photos, or videos, or screenshots”

But most importantly service is revolutionised for customers as whichever channel they are communicating with, be it: app, website or IVR, UJET provides a uniform, fully seamless experience.

Plans for 2018?

UJET are currently exploring the customer support landscape within Europe with definite plans for expansion in 2018. As an all IP platform, there are no implementation or geographical limitations. Anand is confident:

“There are tonnes of opportunities for us, this is just the beginning”

We agree and look forward to watching that development in 2018!


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