Vera Bradley Enhances Contact Centre Efficiency

NICE inContact CXone system boosts business performance

Vera Bradley Enhances Contact Centre Efficiency

NICE inContact, a cloud contact centre leader with the number one cloud customer experience platform in the world, recently shared the successful business results of Vera Bradley in an impressive case study. Vera Bradley, a fashion brand for women specialising in luggage, accessories, and handbags chose Nice inContact to support the multiple distribution points they use throughout the US to serve their customers.

Vera Bradley used the NICE inContact CXone Business Line Texting solution, combined with integrated Textel to enhance customer experience and boost contact centre agent efficiency. The company realised that their customers may have been attempting to send text messages to their toll-free customer service number and decided to enable text as a mode of communication to increase customer service efficiency.

The Benefits of Nice inContact CXone

To support the new SMS strategy, Vera Bradley used the Textel solution integrated with CXone to better communicate with their customers. According to the Director for Customer Service at Vera Bradley, Susan Campbell, the applications in the CXone cloud platform were paramount to their success. Campbell noted that the CXone system works “seamlessly” and gives customer contact agents the option to work cohesively in a single easy-to-use desktop environment. The results that Vera Bradley achieved with the platform include:

  • Reduced call volume of 7% at initial rollout: Customers opting to send texts instead of calling
  • Increased contact centre efficiency and cost-effectiveness: Agents can now manage up to 3 customers at a time via text instead of just one over the phone
  • Additional level of service: The company has experienced a 0% abandonment rate when connecting with clients via text

In the case study, Susan Campbell acknowledged the fact that customer expectations are higher than ever, and customer service solutions need to be handled as efficiently as possible to serve consumer needs. Vera Bradley is thrilled to see how popular their new text service has become.

Nice inContact and Textel

The CXone platform for customer experience gives contact centres the power to access custom omnichannel solutions to support changing client requirements. CXone is the world’s number 1 customer experience platform on the cloud, combining analytics, workforce optimisation, omnichannel routing, and analytics into a simple open cloud system. NICE inContact was happy to share the powerful results Vera Bradley had achieved with CXone and Textel.

Textel is a NICE inContact DevOne partner that offers MMS and SMS on existing contact centre phone numbers. The Textel solution is fully integrated with the CXone platform, which means that contact centres can quickly access additional ways of communicating with their target audience. The Textel system is available on the CXexchange marketplace, which features various ready-to-use applications designed to work seamlessly with CXone.

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