Vidatec Warns Against Over-Automation for Cost Savings

Could over-automation be a threat to your business?

Vidatec Warns Against Over-Automation for Cost Savings

Vidatec, previously known as “Dogfish Mobile” is a mobile and web solution provider designed to help people improve their lives through technology. Recently, the company released a report urging people to avoid over-automation in their workforce, as AI and machine learning grow more popular.

In today’s digitally-transforming environment, many businesses are taking advantage of disruptive technology to take their everyday operations one step further. Around nine in ten businesses across the UK are planning to invest in artificial intelligence in the next two years. According to Vidatec, while technology can be crucial in helping companies to grow, it’s essential that over-automation doesn’t cause businesses to lose the “human touch” int heir customer service experience.

Maintaining the Human Touch

Vidatec logoThe head of user experience at Vidatec, Jamie Woolnough, noted in a recent article that the fast-paced digital environment means that it is more important than ever for businesses to have the right structures and technologies in place for long-term success. However, while investment in technology is essential, businesses also need to consider their automation decisions carefully.

Today’s consumers aren’t always happy trying to explain their concerns or problems to an automated bot. In fact, a problematic digital experience can easily turn a customer against a company. Though automation and AI can enhance brand relationships when used correctly, the key is making sure that you have a plan in place for success. According to Vidatec, one of the biggest differentiators for most businesses is adding a “personality” to the technology. Companies like Apple and Google have done this very well with their virtual assistants.

People Do Business with People

Ultimately, as helpful as machines can be in our modern and fast-based consumer world, people still appreciate the human touch in their conversations. Disruptive technology has the potential to bring more speed and convenience to the buyer journey, but it can’t be relied upon at every touchpoint. Vidatec believes that it’s important for companies to remember the importance of human interaction when they’re investing in new solutions.

As tech solutions continue to evolve in virtually every environment, businesses must remember that people like doing business with people. Technology is most effective when it supplements and supports the human-to-human conversation, rather than trying to replace it entirely.

As Woolnough said in his article, it’s crucial for modern organisations to understand the needs of their audience, and the importance placed on human conversations. Consumers don’t just want to feel like another number when they want to interact with a brand. Businesses that personalise the customer experience will achieve better brand loyalty.


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Ian TaylorIan Taylor 15:04, 15 Jan 2019

Does this ring true for your business? Any experience of over-automation – we’d love to hear from you…

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