Voiceflex Cloud Call Recording Review

Reviewed: An intelligent, versatile, cloud call recording solution

Voiceflex Cloud Call Recording Review

Not so long ago, the world regarded voice and call recording as something reserved for larger businesses and enterprises. However, Voiceflex are changing that perspective with their own SIP trunk call recording solution based in the cloud.

Designed with intelligent software, the Voiceflex Call Recording service allows businesses to record calls for a range of purposes, from training new members of staff, to monitoring the quality of customer service, or even upgrading security and compliance. As call recording becomes a more essential aspect of many organisations, Voiceflex are ensuring that their partner and reseller network have the resources to provide an application that suits customer needs.

With the Voiceflex recording suite, businesses can record conversations and access them how, and when they need to. What’s more, because it’s all hosted in the cloud, you can use the solution anytime, anywhere. Here, we’ll be examining the features and benefits of the Voiceflex Call Recording service. Please remember that the opinions expressed here are our own, and UC Today are not responsible for selling Voiceflex products. We encourage you to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments below this article.

Secure Cloud Call Recording

Voiceflex Call Recording is a cloud-based solution perfect for small to mid-sized businesses, as well as enterprises who want a quick, and secure solution for recording compliance. The Voiceflex Call Recording system can be set up almost instantly within a few clicks, making it simple for both resellers, and end-users to configure.

Once it’s running, the service can record both outbound and inbound calls. End-users simply need to choose which SIP trunks or numbers they want to record to get started.

Hosted securely on the cloud, the Voiceflex recording system allows for all information to be directly downloaded for instant playback and review through the Voiceflex portal. Calls can also be retrieved locally, and permissions policies can be adjusted whenever necessary for maximum security and access control.

Features and Applications

The Voiceflex Call Recording service comes with everything you need to manage and assess calls within your business. Some of the basic features resellers and end-users will benefit from include:

  • Seamless recording through all Voiceflex SIP trunk products
  • Various filtering options for call management
  • Quick and simple set-up
  • Intuitive configuration for inbound and outbound calls
  • Call recording management at the touch of a button
  • Permission and restriction systems
  • Call storage in the Voiceflex cloud
  • Call recording offline synchronisation for easy access
  • Call recording lifespan management
  • Customer portal to allow end-users to view their own calls
  • No fixed costs (Pay for what you use)
  • iOS app

What We Like about Voiceflex Call Recording

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the Voiceflex Call Recording system is the fact that it is a customisable solution. There aren’t any fixed costs, and instead, you only need to pay for exactly what you use, and nothing more. At the same time, the security and access systems of the Voiceflex portals make compliance easier than ever. Here are just some of the things that we liked most about Voiceflex Call Recording:

  1. Easy access, wherever you are: The Voiceflex Call Recording system isn’t just simple to set up, and easy to use too, wherever you are. The service is a pay-as-you-go solution completely hosted on the cloud. That means that there’s no hardware required whatsoever. Resellers can set solutions up for their customers within a matter of minutes, and configure exactly which SIP Trunks and DDIs need to record calls. There’s no long-term implementation required, and end-users can be archiving content in no time.
  2. Versatile call recording management: With Voiceflex Call Recording, resellers can manage all the call recordings that their customers need, including how long they keep those calls stored for each customer, on a per-number, or per-SIP trunk basis. You can even hand the tools over to your customers, by giving them direct access to the partner portal, where they can analyse, review, and set up their own call recordings.
  3. Secure storage and playback: Security is always a big factor when implementing any new technology into a business. The Voiceflex Call Recording system captures and stores calls securely to effectively comply with all FCA regulations. Additionally, recordings can also be kept on a restricted playback system with access only given to authorised users. Recordings can also be compressed for storage.
  4. Simple to use: It’s easy to filter which calls are recorded by DDI, date ranges, SIP trunks, and even call directions. Customers can listen to their calls on the Voiceflex portal, or simply download them in bulk or individual file formats for offline access.
  5. Easy analysis: The web-based portal is designed for simplicity, meaning that anyone can access instant call recording services, call management, and call retrieval. End users have everything they need to monitor and analyse incoming and outgoing calls.

Who is Voiceflex Call Recording For?

Voiceflex chose to launch their call recording solution after they realised that conventional on-premises based recording equipment simply wasn’t enough to support the huge number of businesses moving to cloud based telephone lines (SIP trunks) . The system is fully FCA compliant, and can be used by small, mid-sized, and large businesses alike.

There’s no on-site equipment to worry about with Voiceflex Call Recording, and there’s no fixed monthly commitment. Customers simply pay for what they use, and if they don’t want to store calls on the cloud, they can delete the records or download them to local storage.

How to Buy? Pricing?

Voiceflex are a 100% channel based business. If you are an IT or Telecoms reseller looking to resell a cloud call recording solution contact Paul Taylor, Sales Director at Voiceflex for pricing and more information.

If your business is looking to invest in a hosted call recording service contact Voiceflex by clicking the link above and they’ll point you in the right direction.

UC Today Opinion

Call recording is no longer a task that’s limited to the financial sector. We’re working in a world where more businesses than ever before are turning to call recording solutions to train new staff, manage quality, and avoid problems with legal blame.

As businesses continue to evolve with a focus on compliance and security, a reliable solution for call recording could be a great selling point for Voiceflex partners and resellers, giving them a chance to access more business from end-users. Because the system is quick to implement and easy to use, we think that it will benefit from quick adoption across the industry.

Have you experienced Voiceflex Call Recording for yourself? Tell us what you think about it in the comments below, and share this article with your colleagues and friends so that they can join the conversation!


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