VoIPstudio Launches Cloud Calling from Chrome

By enabling rich softphone features from inside Chrome, VoIPstudio extends more flexibility to SMBs and startups with contact centres  

VoIPstudio Launches Cloud Calling from Chrome

As small businesses push to enhance CX, they can face challenges. There are few affordable contact centre solutions that cater to their needs. For instance, they may want to integrate collaboration tools and remote working features such as video conferencing into their customer contact. On top of that, according to a recent study, more than 50 percent of Millennials look for increased mobility in the workplace, which may represent a large part of their workforce, particularly in the contact centre environment. 

Extending full contact centre capabilities to small businesses at an affordable rate is a challenge VoIPstudio happily takes on and delivers. I caught up with Rob Seymour, Marketing Director at VoIPstudio. Seymour said they recently exhibited at Call and Contact Centre Expo in London. He added, ‘VoIPstudios’ core message is resonating’ with small businesses and startups.  

“The Call and Contact Centre Expo was a great success. We feel our message of affordable call and contact features is really resonating with the smaller end of the contact centre market”

“The fact that businesses can have full contact centre functionality starting at £3.99 a seat is what visitors enjoyed the most. This kind of pricing is not something offered by a lot of people, but we found our sweet spot with small businesses and startups,” said Seymour.   

VoIPstudio launches Softphone Chrome extension   

Chris Maciejewski

Chris Maciejewski

To further accommodate the SMB and startup crowd, VoIPstudio recently launched a new Chrome extension, bringing full call centre functionalities to the popular browser. Seymour said this market has plenty of opportunities, and he sees room for growth to help startups achieve easy expansion, greater affordability, and increased ease of contact centre management.  

With the new Chrome extension, users can now access call histories, call recordings, and contact lists from a secure browser-based environment. The new Chrome extension also adds click-to-call functionality by converting numbers from websites that users visit into clickable links that then dial the telephone number. This enables agents to make calls with ease, from within a browser.   

“The new extension brings another level of flexibility and convenience for our users, who often use many devices,” commented Chris Maciejewski, Managing Director of VoIPstudio. “It provides all the features of a softphone but does not require the download of new software. It’s particularly useful for call centre agents, who can log in via a browser to enable access to their features and call history,” he added.  

VoIPstudio cuts costs and increases efficiency  

Merryn Straker

Merryn Straker

Straker Translations is an early adopter of VoIPstudio’s cloud contact centre solution. Before migrating to VoIPstudio, Chief Product Officer at Straker Translations, Merryn Straker, said they ran into issues. Other than poor call quality, Straker was frustrated at their inability to forward incoming calls to sales staff’s mobile devices. 

After moving to VoIPstudio, Straker said the problem was solved. As a result, operational costs dropped by 29 percent. She also commented that setup was easy and the appeal of no monthly or yearly contract was enticing. Today, VoIPstudio supplies telecom services to more than fifty users across Straker Translations. 

For VoIPstudio, the self-service VoIP model is gaining traction. The benefits are clear, as enabling startups and SMBs to reduce contact centre costs is a major selling point. 


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