VoIPstudio to Unveil Updated Wallboard Technology

VoIPstudio is poised to release version 2.0 of its wallboard software at this year’s Call & Contact Centre Expo in London

VoIPstudio to Unveil Updated Wallboard Technology

The way VoIPstudio separates itself from competitors is simple – by offering a secure, professional-grade VoIP phone service at affordable pricing for small-to-medium-sized-businesses. What has been a key part of driving VoIPstudio’s success is its set of innovative features.

Its Cloud Communications platform delivers a complete cloud PBX and cloud contact centre solution for SMBs. Overall, VoIPstudio’s goal is to reduce the expense of managing and purchasing on-site telephone systems.

“VoIPstudio has been optimised to be multisite, multi-country and with distributed hosting in the cloud, providing the responsiveness and reliability that enterprise customers need. So, it’s highly scalable and suitable for single users, all the way up to companies with hundreds of extensions,” said Rob Seymour, Marketing Director, VoIPstudio.

With a suite of VoIP business solutions already available, VoIPstudio is set to unveil its latest project at this year’s Call & Contact Centre Expo in London.

Call & Contact Centre Expo

The plan is to demonstrate the new wallboard capabilities for the first time at the Call & Contact Centre Expo in March. Its latest wallboard is an overhaul of a previous version and took a total of eighteen months to complete, where it underwent a complete makeover.

The wallboard itself is visual and can be set up on any device with a browser including smart TVs and iPads. This creates a visualization of key performance stats such as calls made, received, calls in queue, agents available and more.

Queue management and alerting are both key features of the wallboard, as it can send push alerts via the VoIPstudio mobile app. In practice, this would allow contact centre supervisors and representatives to step away from their desks and receive custom alerts wherever they are.

“We’ve gone out of our way to make this plug-and-play as well as very simple to configure and use. The widgets are configured by a simple drag-and-drop interface and the intention is to make this simple enough to be configured by a contact centre supervisor with minimal training.

The whole thing runs in a browser, so there’s no need for special equipment. We’ve also added an extra feature to the thresholds and alerting functions – these can be configured to push a notification out to nominated recipients over the mobile app if a specified limit is breached. The idea is, keep it simple, and people can get up and running in a few short minutes,” said Seymour.

VoIPstudio also delivers a fully featured reception console for users, call flow management, call recording for regulation and training, time-based routing, and CRM integrations backed by 24/7 technical support at no additional cost to the user.

These kinds of offerings will undoubtedly give contact centres more agility, and the ability to make calls via a web browser (WebRTC). This enhances the agent experience and makes day to day management much smoother.

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AvatarRob Scott 13:32, 06 Mar 2019

Looking forward to this year’s Call & Contact Centre Expo in London, the UC Today TV crew will be there too!

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  • Moshe BeaufordMoshe Beauford 10:06, 08 Mar 2019

    I think we’re in store for lots of innovation at this year’s Expo.

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