Vonage Builds New Partnership with SendinBlue

Vonage continues to prove itself an innovator

Vonage Builds New Partnership with SendinBlue

Vonage, one of the market leaders in business communications and collaboration, recently announced their new partnership with SendinBlue. SendinBlue is a leading provider of solutions for cloud-based email marketing and automation technology, capable of delivering GDPR-compliant and rich nurturing messages to prospects and leads.

Vonage’s partnership with SendinBlue through Nexmo – the company’s innovative platform for APIs and CPaaS solutions, will allow Nexmo to become the sole SMS provider for the SendinBlue brand. This means that Vonage will power millions of SMS messages sent by SendinBlue customers every month. Vonage’s recent partnership with SendinBlue means that the company will expand its API portfolio to include email features – which strengthens Vonage’s position as the all-in-one platform for programmable and customisable communication solutions.

The Nexmo range of APIs already allows businesses of all sizes to extend their reach and communicate with customers on the channels that suit them, including chat, video, SMS, and more.

Bringing Email into the Mix

As companies continue to reduce the chaos in their inbox with collaboration and other chat tools, email is still an essential channel for keeping team members connected. According to the SVP of Global Sales for Nexmo, Eric Le Guiniec, the partnership between Vonage and SendinBlue is an exciting opportunity to boost the number of channels that Vonage can offer to companies, helping them to access a better range of customer engagement opportunities.

Vonage is looking forward to taking advantage of new opportunities to strengthen its integration and relationship with SendinBlue, innovating on their shared platform and via Nexmo to produce various benefits for the business of the future. SendinBlue is also excited about the collaboration, which they describe as a new and pioneering step for their business.

According to the CEO and Co-Founder of SendinBlue, Armand Thiberge, the company is thrilled to be joining Nexmo in a strategic alliance which will finally offer an alternative to the standard transactional messaging opportunities. The partnership between the businesses will help companies around the world to access the most efficient marketing tools available.

Improving Customer Engagement

According to the Senior Analyst at 451 research, Raul Castanon-Martinez, customer engagement is one of the most important things for businesses to consider in today’s hyper-connected world. This engagement concept has expanded beyond the realms of voice, video, and social to include things like sales, marketing, service, and various other domains. To meet with the expectations of modern customers, businesses will need to build connections between a range of capabilities, requiring technological innovation and a rethink of how business processes have changed.

The partnership between Vonage and SendinBlue is an excellent one, as SendinBlue will bolster Vonage’s portfolio, layering email into other channels within the same platform. SendinBlue is already helping companies around the globe to improve their marketing strategies through GDPR-compatible tools including Facebook ads, display ads, live chat, collaborative mailboxes, and more.

As part of the Nexmo environment, SendinBlue will help organisations to take their communication and collaboration to the next level.


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