Voximplant Delivers All-In-One CPA Solution

End-to-end support for outbound call campaigns

Voximplant Delivers All-In-One CPA Solution

Voximplant, a cloud communication platform offering voice and text solutions for businesses of any size, recently announced the success of their Smartcalls system. Smartcalls is VoxImplant’s web-based service designed for creating outbound call campaigns. Today, it’s being recognised as the all-in-one solution for call process automation, allowing businesses to develop more flexible campaigns without programming.

Voximplant was one of the five finalists for the Best AI Application at Enterprise Connect 2019. Recently, the company announced that the latest version of their Smartcalls service is now available. The updated solution is an all-in-one tool for call process automation, complete with support for inbound call processing for businesses building smart IVRs on the visual editor.

Exploring the Potential of Smartcalls

Smartcalls is an excellent solution designed for sales and marketing departments, which offers API integration through third-party services, including CRM. It delivers capabilities like speech synthesis and real-time speech recognition powered by Google’s WaveNet. This allows companies to develop human-friendly and customisable solutions for communication.

Smartcalls is also supportive of SIP protocols so it can be integrated into existing telephony infrastructures. The new release makes Smartcalls an incredible all-in-one tool for call processing automation. According to the CEO of Voximplant, Alexey Aylarov, you can use the service to make outbound calls according to business requirements and connect caller IDs to a scenario for handling inbound calls.

Companies can create Scenarios in a simple visual editor that requires no programming knowledge to use. Natural Language Processing services like Google Dialogflow also allow for more advanced scenarios.

Updating your Smartcalls Experience

Alexey Aylarov

Alexey Aylarov

All of the new features now available for Smartcalls have been fully integrated into the Bitrix24 CRM system. The Smartcalls integration has enabled businesses to create interactive IVR and voice scripts too. Managers can now use SmartCalls to automate their operations fully within the sales funnel. For instance, you can coordinate your system with merchant logistics, access reminders about scheduled appointments and so on.

Voximplant believes that setting up solutions for global business communications should be a straightforward and simple process. This is why Smartcalls chose the leading communications as a service provider, Voxbone to be their partner in infrastructure voice. Now, businesses will be able to begin using Smartcalls immediately across 65 countries. Smartcalls customers will also have access to Voxbone’s fully complaint and dependable voice infrastructure, with best-in-class scalability and connectivity.

With Voxbone and Voximplant Smartcalls, companies of any size can develop and manage ttheir global contact centre solutions with ease.


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