West Completes Their Acquisition of Flowroute

West Corporation purchases software company Flowroute

West Completes Their Acquisition of Flowroute

Consolidation has been a common trend in the communications environment over the last year or so. As the world continues to become increasingly innovative and agile, countless companies are joining forces to deliver a flexible, next-level experience to their clients and end-users. West Corporation is no different, with their reputation as one of the world’s leading technology-enablement companies, capable of helping people around the world to connect more efficiently.

For decades, West has been helping clients from a multitude of backgrounds to more effectively collaborate and communicate with their audiences. Now, the organisation is building its future with a brand-new acquisition. On the 28th of August, West revealed that they had successfully closed the purchase of a software-centric service provider company called “Flowroute.”

Combining West Corp with Flowroute

West has always been a business with a heavy focus on making innovative technology more accessible to the masses. In today’s cloud-driven environment, this often means exploring the potential of software as a highly flexible and scalable solution. When West announced that they would be purchasing Flowroute, a cloud-based communications company, they enhanced their position in the cloud market.

Flowroute’s exceptional “HyperNetwork” product allows companies to replace multiple interfaces and vendors with a single network for telecoms, delivered through a simple portal. This intuitive communication platform enable value-added resellers, software vendors, and enterprises to migrate their premise-based communications systems through to VoIP more rapidly while customising their service with available APIs.

West’s successful acquisition of Flowroute will simplify the route to cloud for their clients. The CEO of West Corp, John Shlonsky, noted that the business is thrilled to be adding the Flowroute service creation environment into their product portfolio.

Enhancing the West Corp Portfolio

Flowroute’s cloud-based communication platform will help clients to migrate premise-based technology into the cloud rapidly, and access on-demand telecom services like SMS, multi-media messaging, and local and toll-free voice. This CPaaS platform should help West Corp. clients to differentiate themselves through simplicity, reliability, and high-quality communication services. The combination of the cloud-based service and West’s innovative technology should create a fantastic networking and software-centric solution for West to offer their clients.

The new acquisition will also supplement many of West’s existing service offerings. For instance, with Flowroute, West clients can access an even more reliable, and high-quality user experience (UX) for cloud communications. This is the sixth acquisition made by West this year to help complement their service. The closed transaction means that West customers will now be able to create high-quality voice and messaging solutions in a manner agile enough for the evolving marketplace.


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