Why WebRTC Is Boosting the Contact Centre Experience

Contact centres and WebRTC: What does the future hold?

Why WebRTC Is Boosting the Contact Centre Experience

Today’s customers expect more than ever from their favourite companies. In a world that prioritises personalised experiences, instant gratification, and diversity, contact centres are under more pressure than ever before to respond well to digital transformation (DX). One of the changes facing the contact centre is the switch to a truly omnichannel customer service approach.

After all, today’s customers don’t just want to connect with you over the phone. While there are still people out there who are happy to make a call when their product or service isn’t working as it should be, many consumers (particularly millennials) prefer to take other avenues first. In fact, around 50% of customers go online before they ever engage with a contact centre.

WebRTC and the Seamless Omnichannel Experience

WebRTC is a component of the unified communications approach to contact centre strategy. This technology enables communications within a business website so that customers only need to click on a button or log into an app when they want to reach out to a service agent. With a WebRTC solution you can:

  • Integrate a click-to-call feature: allowing clients to speak to your agents directly on your website, without ever having to change devices
  • Engage in video calls and screen-sharing sessions: Web communication in “real-time” means that agents can provide their customers with the full UC experience they’re looking for. When it comes to offering incredible service, this might mean that a WebRTC solution starts off with an instant messaging chat, then escalates to video and file sharing
  • Offer a “choose-your-own” approach to service: Some companies and contact centres can even use their WebRTC applications alongside AI and chatbots to offer self-service opportunities that can easily be escalated to a live agent when necessary

The End-to-End Integrated Customer Journey

Unified communications allow today’s contact centres to offer a complete end-to-end integrated customer journey to their end-users, regardless of which device or system they prefer to use. Because WebRTC gives clients access to the support they need from the moment they enter the website, all the way up to the time when they finalise their purchase, it’s easier for today’s contact centre to offer the seamless, high-quality experiences their clients are looking for.

Supported by web browsers, and mobile operating systems, WebRTC solutions give customers the opportunity to connect to a company from the device of their choosing, using the most convenient communication channel available. This means that contact centres have an immediate way to differentiate themselves from competitors who have nothing but an email address and phone number to offer.

Taking the Contact Centre to the Next Level

Because it’s available as standard in applications and browsers when customers engage with an organisation’s website, WebRTC can finally deliver the seamless journey-wide experience they’re looking for when they need to move between chat, voice, and video conversations with contact centre support.

At the same time, a WebRTC solution embedded into your UC strategy can provide advisors in the contact centre with contextual information about the journeys a customer takes when communicating with the brand. This is a useful way to gain insightful knowledge about the buyer journey and set your contact centre up for future optimisation.

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