WIT Software & Sinch Sign Partnership

New partnership agreement to accelerate RCS uptake

WIT Software & Sinch Sign Partnership

WIT Software, an established software house specialising in solutions for modern mobile operators, and Sinch, the developer of an immersive cloud communications platform, recently announced a new collaboration deal. The two companies have just signed a new partnership agreement designed to speed up the global adoption of next-generation messaging solutions via RCS.

Sinch (previously CLX Communications), a company with a commitment to bringing people and businesses closer together with tools designed for better engagement, will be deploying WIT technology in their new offering. The Sinch RCS-as-a-service solution will be available to mobile operators in search of a highly scalable and agile solution for delivering RCS to enterprise customers and subscribers.

Already, Sinch is a highly trusted software provider for mobile operators. The Sinch platform powers crucial business communications for some of the largest organisations in the world. The addition of WIT technology, known for its ability to support extensive mobile solutions, will take Sinch offerings one step further.

Revolutionising Customer Engagement

Oscar Werner

Oscar Werner

According to the SEO of Sinch, Oscar Werner, the new demand for next-generation messaging has driven the partnership between Sinch and WIT Software. Enhanced messaging services have the power to transform the way that customers engage with modern businesses, through interactive experiences that suit the individual consumer. Today, Sinch is seeing increasing interest from mobile operators who want to take advantage of the new messaging marketplace.

The RCS messaging standard builds on the existing technology of SMS while adding additional features to typical messaging apps on Android handsets. The RCS standard is fully standardised and endorsed by the GSMA – which is the trade body that supports the world’s mobile operators.

The combined solution for RCS messaging designed by WIT Software and Sinch will provide a non-proprietary, neutral platform for rich messaging experiences. For mobile subscribers, the RCS service will also add support for group chat experiences and read receipts – similar to the offerings provided by WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage.

RCS Messaging for Businesses

Luis Silva

Luis Silva

For modern companies, RCS will deliver rich and secure interactivity solutions to the standard messaging experiences that are available via mobile. Additionally, there’s the benefit of no additional downloads or apps required to access the technology. The system is well-placed to automate some of the most common interactions currently handled by call centre live agents. According to recent research, brands may spend up to $18 billion on RCS messaging by 2023.

According to the CEO of WIT Software, Luis Silva, mobile operators worldwide are beginning to recognise the potential of RCS for improving their messaging experiences and safeguarding wholesale businesses. The Sinch and WIT collaboration will hopefully improve the adoption of RCS messaging around the globe.


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