Zendesk Introduces Sunshine Conversations

Zendesk's developer-first platform introduces new communication options

Zendesk Introduces Sunshine Conversations

Zendesk, one of the leading customer experience companies in the world today, had just announced the arrival of Sunshine Conversations. This API-based platform allows today’s companies to integrate social media messaging and direct messaging into offerings to connect with customers. Developers can also build messaging into their own services and apps to ensure that customers can engage with businesses over social channels, websites, and in-app messaging.

With Sunshine Conversations, businesses can unify conversations across all digital channels to ensure that essential business functions like marketing, service, and sales have the correct context for alignment and follow up.

The Evolving State of Messaging

Messaging is evolving from a simple channel of communication into a new interface in which companies can engage, connect, and transact with businesses. Vice President of Conversational Businesses for Zendesk, Warren Levitan, said that the company is thrilled to power the future of conversational business. Zendesk wants to create an environment where companies can extend sales conversations and traditional support into interactive messaging experiences.

Sunshine Conversations is a part of the flexible and open CRM platform from Zendesk, Zendesk Sunshine. This solution helps businesses to connect customer data in order to deliver the best customer experiences. Sunshine allows companies to integrate and understand all of their customer data, wherever it might life and gives developers an option to build and deploy customer apps faster.

Gartner believes that by 2022, 70% all customer interactions will involve emerging tools like chatbots, machine learning, and mobile messaging. Sunshine Conversations will allow companies to maintain a continuous conversation on every channel, from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, through to native Android and iOS apps.

Elevating Business Communication

Sunshine Conversation provides new ways to connect with customers, such as:

  • Sharing conversational data across the business so that everyone has complete context to serve customers better
  • Building interactive, rich conversational experiences like booking reservations, browsing products, and making payments
  • Integrating AI services and bots to deliver personalized interactions and seamless conversations between humans and bots

The Senior VP and CIO of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Marco Trecroce, said that the company is using Zendesk’s conversational technology to help them get more up close and personal with their clients. Sunshine Conversations was the only solution that met the company’s global requirements and offered security too. Additionally, beyond social channels, Sunshine Conversations’ SDKs allow companies to customise modern messaging for the native business website or mobile app. With Sunshine Conversations, businesses can seamlessly transfer their discussions into any channel, to meet the customers where they are with contextual information.


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