Local Channel Support is Key to IP Migration

So says Snom CEO, and here are the reasons why

Local Channel Support is Key to IP Migration

Snom’s CEO is Gernot Sagl, and he believes the old idea of “IT belongs over here, telecommunications and business communication belong way over there” is an outdated way of thinking. In an exclusive interview with UC Today, he explained his views on how to reach local channels. His take – by speaking to them in the language and terms they use.

Sagl believes IT and telecoms channel migration reluctance can be attributed to the fact that the two were not connected for decades. Today, they’ve joined together in an unhappy marriage, as Sagl put it. He shared with UC Today readers:

“Merging two separate channels as our technology evolves is a lengthy process”

“Adopting new technologies is always challenging and it is the responsibility of the vendors and suppliers of new products and services to make this transition as transparent and straightforward as possible, he added.” He also told me, the best way to help business customers detach themselves from old thought patterns is to ensure they have points of contact that understand their history and requirements.

Another issue, according to Sagl – the growing number of IT resellers who recognize the opportunity that this presents, especially since business communication is now part of every collaboration solution.

IT Resellers Can Expand their Way of Thinking

He laid out the problem Snom has identified in the IP market. Providers of IT systems and Snom as IP phone manufacturers are held to increasing market expectations to provide more information for customers and to offer comprehensive support packages. Not to mention, theses support systems are often around the clock, which has a lot of implications – including increased overhead.

Sagl said the same amount of pressure is generated by business customers: they expect to be able to find the support that understands their local language and business environment. Snom has done a lot to address the deficit, and he made that clear with his answer to the question “How is Snom addressing this problem?”

“We have always offered a comprehensive and wide range of support. The most important thing for me is, in many countries, Snom has native-speaker support and sales teams on site – so you can talk to us in your language, which is fairly uncommon in the industry.” He added, on top of that, IT resellers receive extensive knowledge because of the challenges they face from Snom during training courses.

As more IT professionals expand the way they think to fit the current trend of telephony and IT merging – Snom remains at the forefront of the conversation – making any insight from such a dynamic leader, powerful. And I might add, worth listening to.

Not to mention, as a VoIP pioneer, Snom draws on their wealth of experience to deliver exceptional products. This is apparent from Snom’s extensive product documentation and the fact that their Youtube channel has grown exponentially over the last 18 months: meaning a growing number of its customers have access to reliable product information.

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