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Grandstream WP820 Review: Enterprise-Grade WiFi Phone

Portable WiFi communication from Grandstream

Grandstream WP820 Review: Enterprise-Grade WiFi Phone

Mobility is one of the most significant trends in the communication space today. As the world becomes more agile, professionals want the freedom that comes with cutting the cords that tether them to the traditional desk space. Flexible working isn’t just about giving your team members the opportunity to work from home anymore. People who need to be present in the office may also need a way to leave the desk behind, which is why DECT and WiFi technology is becoming such a popular addition to the communication stack.

The Grandstream WP820 portable WiFi phone is a budget-friendly, enterprise-grade solution for portable communications in businesses of any size. Designed to suit a wide range of environments, the WP820 has use cases in everything from the medical vertical to the logistics and retail spaces. Here’s everything you need to know about the Grandstream WP820.

Features and Benefits of The Grandstream WP820

Intended to be as flexible as it is mobile, the WP820 portable WiFi phone from Grandstream comes equipped with everything you need to boost agility in your enterprise space. This simple and ergonomic phone comes with integrated support for dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi, as well as an enhanced antenna design to ensure that your call quality doesn’t falter, no matter where in the building your employees might be.

Integrated Bluetooth means that you can easily pair your WP820 with mobile devices and headsets, and a 7.5-hour talk-time ensures that won’t run out of battery mid-conversation. Combine that with the dual microphone voice quality, and you’ve effectively got all the power of a desktop phone, without the restrictive cords. Features include:

  • Support for customised Android apps so you can build out your custom communication strategy.
  • Support for 2 SIP accounts and 2 lines
  • 5mm headset jack and Micro USB port
  • Configurable button for panic, push-to-talk and other related functions
  • Built-in accelerometer
  • Rechargeable 1500mAh battery, 150-hour standby time and 7.5-hours talk time
  • HD Voice-supported by a dual-microphone design
  • Integrated noise shield technology and AEC
  • Bluetooth support for syncing mobile devices and headsets
  • Dual-band WiFi
  • State-of-the-art antenna design and advanced roaming support
  • Drop-safe from a 2-metre height – to protect your business from unwanted accidents

The biggest benefit of the WP820 is that it allows employees in any environment to move freely, without having to worry about disconnecting from crucial calls and conversations with their co-workers. The robust nature of the WP820 means that you can take it anywhere, and the belt clip that comes with the device makes portability even easier. What’s more, the dual microphone and noise cancelling features improve your chances of maintaining strong voice quality, even in the most chaotic of environments.

Tech Specs

  • Graphics Display: TFT color 2.4-inch LCD
  • Voice Codecs: G.722 wideband, iLBC Opus, Out of band and in-band DTMF, VAD, AEC, CNG, AJB, PLC, ANS, AGC
  • Peripherals: Hang-up, 3 soft keys, phonebook, speakerphone, accelerator, sensor, navigation and volume keys, backlit keypad, vibration motor
  • Ports: Micro USB for charging, dual-MIC, 3.5 mm jack
  • Operating system: Android 7.0
  • QoS: Layer 3 (ToS, MPLS, DiffServ) and Layer 3 (802.1Q, and 802.1P)
  • Telephony: Forward, hold, transfer, conference (3-way), phonebook, call log, call waiting, auto dial, off-hook auto answer, flexible dial, click-to-dial, hot-desking, music on hold and personalised ringtones, failover, server redundancy, push to talk

Target Market & Regional Availability

The Grandstream WP820 portable WiFi phone is ideal for any business, of any size that needs a communication solution to support in-office mobility. Grandstream created the WP820 to suit a range of verticals, all the way from logistics and retail, to security and medical, with a powerful phone that can withstand even the harshest conditions.

How to Buy & Pricing

As mentioned above, all the Grandstream products available today, including the WP820 are available to purchase through the Grandstream global distribution community. The price of your WP820 will depend on the deals that your reseller offers, so you’ll need to find someone local that you can speak to about your needs. At the time of writing this review, the Grandstream WP820 is available for £172 – making it a highly affordable portable phone.

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

Mobility isn’t just a concept that’s reserved for remote employees and global workforces anymore. Even for people in the standard business environment, it’s often essential to stray away from the desk. This is particularly true in verticals like healthcare and industrial manufacturing, where desk work is rarely a part of the day-to-day schedule.

The WP820 from Grandstream is a sturdy, affordable and durable solution for people who need to stay connected on the go. With the WP820 portable WiFi phone, you can unlock many of the same features you would expect from a desk phone, in an easy-to-use and robust mobile handset.

Q: What’s included in the WP820 package?

A: When you purchase the WP820 portable WiFi handset, you’ll get one Lithium-Ion battery, a charger cradle where you can place the phone when you’re not using it, a belt clip, so you’re less likely to drop the device, and a universal power supply. The starter kit also comes with a quick start guide to make your set up as easy as possible.

Q: How Secure is the WP820 portable WiFi Phone?

A: Like many of the other devices available in the Grandstream IP portfolio today, the WP820 comes with state-of-the-art security features, including user and administrator passwords, and MDS-Sess and MDS authentication. The WP820 also features 256-bit AES encryption, RTP, TLS, and 802.1x media access control.



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