Panasonic Unveils New IP Phones

Next-generation intuitive communication

Panasonic Unveils New IP Phones

Panasonic recently revealed the launch of a new product, just in time for 2019. Panasonic Business has unveiled their exciting new Panasonic KX-NT630 and KX-NT680 IP phones.

These state-of-the-art proprietary phones were designed by the leaders in Panasonic’s North American team to deliver intuitive communication experiences for business users. Created to support an ever-changing and increasingly complex world of conversations, the advanced IP phones come with various useful features like high-definition integrated audio, a bright-colour LCD screen, and an engaging user interface.

Key Features of the Panasonic IP Phones

The new Panasonic IP phones provide companies with a complete view of their communication infrastructure and meet with the ever-growing needs of offices across the globe. Beyond basic features that you would expect from an industry leader from Panasonic, like echo cancellation and clear voice quality, the latest IP phone range also comes with things like centralised management features, flexible function keys, and a state-of-the-art LCD screen. Some of the key features you can expect from the KX-NT630 and the KX-NT680 include:

  • SRTP Support: As IP communications become increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, Panasonic is going above and beyond to protect their users. SRTP support means that all audio packets on your phones are encrypted, giving you a more secure channel for communications
  • Centralised management: Set up your remote terminals quickly and easily with Panasonic. Admins in a business can immediately adjust and alter settings for employees across an entire network
  • Flexible function keys: The two new IP phones from Panasonic come with the option to set up as many as 48 functions, features, and You can also add frequently-used numbers to your phone
  • Customisable Experience: With the KX-NT680, Panasonic customers can implement corporate-level branding features into their phone systems, along with a background logo displayed on the screen
  • Intuitive User Interface: The LCD screen isn’t just attractive, it also provides clarity with high-quality icons and colours, so that employees always have access to the detailed information they need

Next Level IP Phones for 2019

Panasonic KX-NT630

Panasonic KX-NT630

The newest IP phones from Panasonic come with everything you need to run an effective communication stack, included encrypted communication packets for greater privacy. In a press release about the two IP phones, Panasonic’s Product Manager for Unified Communications in North America, Gary Moeller commented on the importance of intuitive communication.

According to Moeller, as the workforce continues to transform and expand, businesses need to be able to trust their communication systems. With the next generation range of Panasonic IP phones, companies will be able to access more seamless communication solutions that are “tightly integrated” with existing business workflows. Panasonic believes that the integration of new hardware and software will support company innovation, efficiency and productivity in the year ahead.


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