ShoreTel 480g IP Phone Review – keeping it simple but effective

ShoreTel 480g IP Phone Review

ShoreTel 480g IP Phone Review – keeping it simple but effective

ShoreTel continues its 20 year drive towards the perfect combination of simplicity of use and ergonomic feel with the ShoreTel IP Phone 480g.

Aimed primarily at the general office and small to medium enterprise, ShoreTel have continued in their quest to provide telephony systems to meet the demands of the modern office environment whilst maintaining the ease of use synonymous with it’s products since inception in 1996.

Whilst it should be noted that we are not selling this product or speaking on behalf of any companies or web sites that are, we would seek to point out its qualities, which may help you , the end user, to make an informed choice when investing in your next IP phone system.

From the weighted and balanced ergonomic handset to the large back lit display screen, the ShoreTel IP 480g strives to make itself easy to use for the operator thus saving time for the experienced user and anxiety for the inexperienced.

The large display screen provides the basic information required as well as a visual voice mail listing and the built in speaker provides excellent sound quality with the distance mic with 360 degree sound pick up.

The standard features of any phone system are all here, of course, but simplicity of use is paramount. The 480g offers 8 lines and these buttons are placed either side of the screen with the 5 context sensitive multi functional soft keys below.

Either side of the large numeric key pad are the 6 function keys controlling:

  • Transfer
  • Conference for up to 6
  • Hold function
  • Unlimited history and redial
  • Voicemail
  • Unlimited and flexible directory

With the audio control keys for the handset and the optional headset opposite, all the basic functions of the 480g are clearly displayed and available. The key ingredient here is simplicity of layout and simplicity of use.

Smaller office situations with adjacent workshop extensions, or maybe various other small office locations would be well served by the 480g and given that the 480g also carries an integrated 10/100/1000 ethernet switch for Gigabit speed connections, larger organisations would also benefit from ShoreTels latest product.

In keeping with the simple is best theme, self installation to SIP protocol couldn’t be e easier with full instructions supplied by ShoreTel.

Small business owners and managers alike can be confident that the ShoreTel 480g will meet their needs in todays world of easy and efficient communication. The well laid out screen and button configuration should lead to confident use without reaching for the guide book!

If you already have had experience with the ShoreTel 480g we would value your input in our interactive comments section below or email your thoughts directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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