Snom Starts the Season with an IP Phone Price Reduction of up to 15%!

Now's the time to get your Snom IP phones - at a considerable saving

Snom Starts the Season with an IP Phone Price Reduction of up to 15%!

Berlin’s specialist in IP telephony design, Snom recently opened the Summer season with some fantastic news for customers, introducing an incredible price reduction on their IP phones of up to 15%. The price drop has been made possible thanks to the fact that this premium brand is now going to be manufactured exclusively by their parent company VTech, who officially purchased Snom towards the end of 2016.

The reduced-price list will be hitting the marketplace on the 6th of July, which means that if you’re looking to upgrade your IP phones with hardware that has a 15-year history of improvement and development, then now is the time. Snom equipment is well known for its secure performance, with over 900 telephone settings and features that offer customers a versatile and flexible communication experience.

The Beginning of Great things for Snom Customers

The updated price list represents the start to a great summer for Snom customers. Partners and customers alike should be able to benefit from a range of significantly lower prices. As we mentioned above, the drops in prices are coming after Snom’s acquisition from VTech, whose headquarters are located in Hong Kong. The production of all phones designed by Snom will now be passed into the factories of the parent company, leading to significant savings for the brand.

Rather than simply pocketing all the benefits for themselves, VTech and Snom have decided to share the savings obtained from now on to their customers and partners, with a much leaner price calculation system. According to the brand, the price reduction will be part of a series of further measures that Snom will continue to implement in the approaching months to help offer even greater deals for their existing and future customers and partners. The hope is that in the year ahead, VTech will be able to increase their market share in the sector.

The good news is that Snom have reassured their customers that although the prices may be dropping, they won’t have to compromise on quality standards. The products should remain the same, maintaining their high-quality performance.

Looking Forward to The Months Ahead

According to the CEO of Snom Technology, Gernot Sagl, the company believes that the acquisition conducted by VTech should be an excellent step forward for Snom, as well as their customers and partners. They believe that the upcoming price reduction is a clear confirmation that the company is moving forward in a positive direction. With some luck, the change should also assist the premium brand in becoming more attractive to a wider market share.

For now, we can only look forward to seeing more benefits emerge, and take advantage of the offers as they arrive.


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