UniFi VoIP Phone Review: Android-Powered VoIP Phone from Ubiquiti

The impressive UniFi VoIP Phone from Ubiquiti is one of their flagship models

UniFi VoIP Phone Review: Android-Powered VoIP Phone from Ubiquiti

As a forward thinking American Technology company that manufactures wireless data communication products for a wide variety of businesses around the world, Ubiquiti Networks is an exciting brand that promises to drastically improve user productivity and call quality.

With this in mind, we have decided to write a quick review on one of Ubiquiti Networks’ flagship IP Phone products, the UniFi VoIP phone, in a bid to help you decide whether or not this phone/brand is right for your business.

Before we continue, however, we must first stress that this is only a review written to help people decide which phone is most suitable for their business needs. We do not sell this phone and any advice we give is only our professional advice that you can choose to take or ignore as you wish.

Look and feel – would this phone suit your office?

With its smooth, modern design and highly impressive 5 inch, high definition, multi-touch colour display, it’s clear to see that this is a high class, high-end phone built for all enterprise-level users looking for that communication tool with a stylish edge. Also, as a phone powered by Android, existing Android Smartphone users will be able to easily familiarise themselves with the operating system and utilise many of the Android apps available on Google Store to help maximise productivity within the work place.

UniFi VoIP Phone

UniFi VoIP Phone

What can the UniFi VoIP Phone do?

Featuring a 5-inch touchscreen HD Display designed for simplicity and rapid-speed navigation, the UniFi VoIP Phone is as efficient as it is aesthetically pleasing and has the potential to rapidly improve productivity rates of users on a grand scale. Alongside a beautifully designed, ergonomic handset that offers maximum comfort, the phone also runs on Android and is therefore easy to navigate through and essentially acts like a smartphone device for corporate environments.

As well as this, the UniFi VoIP Phone also features exceptional voice clarity and HD audio to ensure that every conversation is crystal clear and free from any interruptions. When combined with the high quality face-to-face interaction offered by the camera (though this is only available on the PRO model) and display, this feature enables users to communicate with clients and collaborate with colleagues over the phone as if they were stood right next to them in person.

Unifi VoIP

Sensibly positioned ‘Mute’ key

Also, thanks to the UniFi Controller, Ubiquiti’s proprietary SDN software installed on every phone, users and administrators are given a fully scalable management system that allows each the of Android-based UniFi VoIP Phones to be controlled and maintained with minimal effort. This way, extension management, mass firmware upgrades, and mass configuration provisioning can be handled quickly and effectively with very little training or outgoing cost.

Moreover, another one of the major advantages that the UniFi VoIP phone offers to businesses is that it includes full SIP support and automatic provisioning to create an enterprise-class telephony infrastructure. As well as this, the phone is a plug-and-play solution that requires no costly or time-consuming installation fees. Instead, all you need to do is plug the phone directly in to a computer where it can be configured using the aforementioned SDN software and is ready to use within minutes.

What are our favourite bits?

Though there were many things we found impressive about this phone, the thing we loved most was the fact that it runs on Android and is essentially a Smartphone designed exclusively for business use. As one of the most popular Smartphone operating systems, many users will already be familiar with how Android works and therefore the transition from personal to business use should be an easy step to take that requires little training. As well as lowering training costs, this feature will also aid productivity and increase the quality of service delivered to clients

Who would benefit most from this phone?

For any business users that want to boost the efficiency of their business communications, to simplify the infrastructure of their phone system and create a more collaborative working environment for staff members, the UniFi VoIP phone would be a fantastic choice.

Where to buy and for how much? 

Starting at only $149.00/£119.00, the phone is a real bargain and even comes with the UniFi Controller software at no extra charge – meaning no separate software, licensing, or support fees.

UC Today Opinion

After taking into consideration both the price of this handset and the many features it offers to business users, we can’t help but feel that this is a great option that offers so much potential to any companies wanting to improve productivity, reduce costs and bring their systems of communication into the 21st century.

Having said that, this is only our opinion and what really matter are the opinions of people who have used this device in an active business setting. So, if you have had an experience with this device (good or bad), please feel free to leave a comment or review at the bottom of this page to help other prospective buyers make the right decision.


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