Poly Trio C60 Review: The Trio for Teams

Poly Trio for Microsoft Teams

Poly Trio C60 Review: The Trio for Teams

As meeting rooms continue to change, experts like Poly are creating new solutions to improve and strengthen the interactions we have. In a world of agility and unique new styles of working, we need a meeting experience that’s engaging and collaborative.

The Trio from Poly is the state-of-the-art solution designed to bring people in meeting rooms together with amazing audio and one-touch join simplicity. Now, the new Poly Trio C60 certified for Microsoft Teams aims to enhance that experience even further, with an in-depth link to the Microsoft Teams environment. Here’s what you need to know.

Poly Trio C60 Review: Features

Like previous iterations of the Trio from Poly, the C60 transforms meeting rooms with a host of high-quality audio and performance features. NoiseBlockAI is embedded into the technology so that you can avoid any unnecessary interruptions and distractions. What’s more, for those keen to avoid the stress of setting up a meeting room, Poly offers simplicity too. You can launch your conversations at a touch of a button. Features include:

  • Access stand-alone performance or use it as a solution for other Poly endpoints
  • Support for a selection of leading SIP options
  • Integrate with your favourite platforms, including Zoom, Vonage, Mitel, Avaya and more
  • Wired expansion microphones available from Spring 2020
  • Exceptional processing power with a quad-core processor and Android 9
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection for fewer drops
  • Volume controls on the phone for easy management
  • NoiseBlock AI to filter out background noise
  • Proximity sensor to wake the system up when someone enters a room
  • 4-5GHX WiFi

Poly Trio C60 Review: Benefits

The Trio C60 adds to the pre-existing collection of Trio phones, each with their own exceptional features and capabilities to offer. This particular system is ideal for larger meeting rooms that need to include more than 8 people, and it comes with extra functionality in the form of a bigger processor, and a wide range of video conferencing and content share options.

The most exciting component of the Poly Trio C60 has to be its integration with Microsoft Teams. As Microsoft Teams rises to become the most popular collaborative tool around, this endpoint could be the key to a better meeting room for your teams. Benefits include:

  • Exceptional audio: Poly has always been strong in the audio landscape. With the Poly Trio C60, you get a sensational experience complete with support from NoiseBlockAI to remove distracting background noise. The Poly audio ensures that everyone is heard
  • Easy accessibility: Join a meeting in seconds with just one touch of a button. With Poly Trio C60 you can jump into collaborative meetings quickly and easily, without having to wait for help from the IT team
  • Integrations with a range of platforms: As well as being certified for Microsoft Teams, you can also connect the Poly Trio C60 to a wide selection of other platforms. Links are available for everything from RingCentral and Ribbon to Vonage, MetaSwitch, Cisco Webex, and so much more. You can check out the full list on Poly’s website
  • Scalability: You can compliment your existing Poly lineup with the Trio C60 solution or expand with additional microphones for daisy-chain solutions down the line. This will be excellent for supporting larger meeting rooms
  • Intelligent performance: As well as the AI-infused solution for eliminating unwanted noise, the Poly Trio C60 also comes with a proximity sensor, so it can automatically wake up as soon as someone enters the meeting room

Poly Trio C60 Review: Verdict

The Poly Trio lineup was already a highly successful and very impressive collection of devices from this leading brand. With the arrival of the C60, we now have another fantastic way for teams to collaborate and communicate in style.

The addition of Microsoft Teams certification is sure to be a very attractive solution for many business leaders who are already using the Microsoft environment. As Microsoft Teams continues to accelerate in the collaboration space, gaining more users, there’s no doubt that demand for solutions like the Poly Trio will continue to increase.

With everything from Bluetooth 5.0 for quick connections to one-touch meeting join, the Poly Trio C60 makes it quick and easy to access the kind of meetings your employees need.

Have you tried the Poly Trio C60 for yourself yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or get in touch over social media.


4.3 out of 5

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