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Snom Celebrates Interoperability Link with 4PSA’s VoipNow

Snom introduces new interoperability partnership with 4PSA

Snom Celebrates Interoperability Link with 4PSA’s VoipNow

IP telephony specialist Snom recently announced a new partnership with 4PSA. The interoperability partnership means that Snom phones will be able to integrate into the VoipNow provisioning system, allowing for easier deployment of supported handsets via provisioning templates. VoipNow will also enable users to customise their templates and add additional features like presence and voicemail integration.

By partnering with PBX vendors to support interoperability, Snom provides channel partners with the best access to integration options available. 4PSA is a reliable unified communications and collaboration provider, proud to be included as one of Snom’s turnkey integration partners.

Supporting Snom “Advanced Interoperability”

Mark Wiegleb, Snom Technology GmbH, Head of Interop & Integration

Mark Wiegleb, Snom Technology GmbH, Head of Interop & Integration

VoipNow is 4PSA’s cloud communication platform, designed to give service providers the support they need to equip clients with enterprise-level voice, PBX, video, instant messaging, mobility, presence and even contact centre services. The enhanced solution offers rapid deployment options, including an integrated engine for competitive pricing and call charging. Thanks to VoipNow’s distribution-ready format, it’s fantastic for partners in search of quick implementations.

Already, 4PSA solutions are available to more than 15,000 service providers around the world, and by becoming a full interoperability partner, 4PSA can now support Snom’s “Advanced Interoperability” network. This also means that 4PSA supports the necessary requirements for Snom phones to operate on VoIP platforms. The advanced interoperability solutions also support state-of-the-art security, exceptional voice quality and various additional call features including voicemail, conference calls, and call forwarding.

4PSA also supports the highest level of integration available with Snom, known as Snom Turnkey Integration. There’s no need for configuration on the endpoints in a Snom Turnkey integration, and exceptional user experience is guaranteed, thanks to endpoint management features like factory reset, remote reboot, and mass firmware updates. There’s even the option for zero-touch deployment too.

Celebrating the Successful New Partnership

Elena Carstoiu. 4PSA COO & co-founder

Elena Carstoiu. 4PSA COO & co-founder

Currently, the provisioning templates available from the new interoperability partnership between Snom and 4PSA’s VoipNow are available for the Snom D765, D715, D785 and D120 phones, with additional devices to come.

According to the Head of Interoperability and Integration for Snom, Mark Wiegleb, the new partnership represents a considerable addition to the number of platforms that Snom phones are available on. Snom believes that providing turnkey options for their partners is critical to helping them to maintain their competitive nature in the current market.

COO and co-founder of 4PSA, Elena Carstoiu also announced her excitement about the integration in a recent press release, saying that 4PSA customers will now be able to enjoy Snom phone features through the VoipNow platform.

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