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What are SIP Trunks?

If Session Initiation Protocol Phones (or SIP Phones) are the mouthpiece and control system, SIP Trunks are the components that connect them to your phone system and allow you to route your calls over an IP network rather than running them along traditional fixed ISDN lines.

At present, sources have shown that the SIP trunk and phone market is growing at an exponential rate, currently surpassing IT by 11% and is expected to continue this trend right through until 2020.

One of the major advantages SIP calling brings to businesses is a drastic reduction in the cost of calls due to the fact they run over an IP network rather than fixed lines. As well as reducing call costs, SIP trunks also cut out line rental cost and remove the expensive installation and maintenance fees of traditional ISDN lines.

Another benefit is the efficiency SIP calling brings to businesses by allowing agents to integrate their phones with web, email, online chat and much more for a more streamlined communication experience that enhances productivity and improves customer satisfaction tenfold.

SIP Trunk Providers

This SIP Trunk vendors list refers to wholesale providers of SIP trunking. Resellers selling re-badged SIP trunking services are not included in this list.

Here’s a list of vendors in alphabetical order.

  • BT Wholesale
  • Daisy Wholesale
  • Gamma
  • Nine Telecom
  • sipsynergy
  • TalkTalk Business
  • Voiceflex

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