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June sees the launch of another Technology Track Series – Call Recording – not so long ago this was just simply recording calls and storing them and the only real decision to make was whether you recorded trunks (external telephone lines) or extensions – nowadays, we’re talking PCI DSS, compliance, GDPR, Speech Analytics and Cloud, to name a few of the hot topics.

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Publications published for the Call Recording series are as follows:

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Questions that might be on your mind:

  • Do you need to record your calls?
  • Must you record, for regulatory compliance for example?
  • What do you want to record?
  • What about PCI-DSS?
  • What is PCI-DSS?
  • Storage of recordings and backup – DPA and GDPR
  • Accessing and reviewing recordings
  • Keyword recognition and flagging
  • Trunk or extension (yes, still a decision to make)
  • Which vendor?
  • How will you deploy the solution?

Quite a few things to consider – the idea of the Call Recording Series, as with all of our Series, is to help you decide what you need and where to get it by providing a Channel Guide for resellers, Buyer’s Guides, Product Reviews, and more – making the decision-making process easier.

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Call Recording Series Sponsors


Gamma offer cloud based call recording and SIP trunk recording to via accredited channel partners across the UK.

Oak Innovation

Oak Innovation are a British company specialising in the call recording and reporting solutions. Oak call recorders work on many different types of phone systems.

Tollring Logo

Tollring are a British company and they offer both cloud based and locally installed call recording solutions, working across multiple platforms.


Voiceflex are a UK based company who specialise in SIP trunking and cloud based call recording. They sell though accredited channel partners.

Xarios Technologies

Xarios are a Manchester headquartered business offering server based call recording solutions. They sell through channel partners across the UK.


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