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  • Enda Kenneally West UC

    West Review: Blending UC with CC

    I caught up with Enda Kenneally, the VP of Sales for UCaaS at West’s EMEA branch, to discuss the most recent West portfolio. More

  • Enghouse Interactive Communication Center

    Contact Centres 2020: The Future of Contact Centre Solutions

    Few of us need reminding of just how much digital technology has changed telecommunications over the past two decades. If anything, the pace of transformation appears to be accelerating still, meaning it is anyone’s guess what that landscape will look like in another decade’s time. More

  • Cisco Contact Centre Solutions

    Cisco Review: The Power of Choice for Every Contact Centre

    The contact centre is the crucible which fires relationships with customers. And in an age when businesses selling much the same products at much the same prices now compete fiercely on customer service, the ability to forge positive, strong bonds with customers has a direct relationship with profit and growth. More

  • Sennheiser SC660 Review

    Sennheiser SC660 Review: Hearing is More than Believing

    German manufacturer Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading specialists in business headsets. With decades of electro acoustic experience, it understands that, for the end user, it is the combination of comfortable hands-free operation and outstanding audio clarity which makes the perfect headset. More

  • Avaya Oceana Contact Centre

    Avaya Oceana Review: Putting Customer Experience at the Heart of DX

    Rapid changes in technology have left many businesses in a state of flux when it comes to their IT infrastructure. So common is this experience that it has even gained its own name – Digital Transformation (DX). Digital transformation describes the transition companies go through when adopting any of the technologies associated with fourth generation […] More

  • BroadSoft CC-One

    BroadSoft CC-One Review: Predictive Power in an Omni-Channel Solution

    According to BroadSoft, delivering the kind of service in the contact centre that keeps customers coming back depends on three things – effective management of agent performance, analytics and effective, efficient collaboration between front-line agents and backroom staff. More

  • CC Solutions 101

    Contact Centre Solutions 101: The UC Today Buyer’s Guide

    As part of our contact centre solutions Technology Track series, we have put together the following 10-point guide to help business owners and CIOs out when it comes to making their next contact centre purchase. More

  • GDPR

    Your Contact Centre Platform and GDPR

    Any lingering doubts about the post-Brexit future of the EU’s flagship data protection reforms in the UK were put to bed in August when the government announced a new Data Protection Bill incorporating the main points of the GDPR. More

  • Choosing Between a Cloud and an On-Premises Contact Centre Solution

    As in every sector of telecoms, cloud technology has instigated a major shake up of the contact centre solutions market. With market value predicted to increase from $5bn to $15bn globally by 2021, cloud-based contact centre products and services also represent a major growth opportunity for vendors and resellers alike. More

  • Contact Centre

    Contact Centre Solutions Market Report 2017

    The rise of the contact centre over the past three decades has transformed the customer service landscape and created one of the world’s fastest growing industries. In the UK alone, there are an estimated 6,200 contact centres in operation. More

  • Contact Centre Solutions

    Contact Centre Solutions – Technology Track 2017

    Contact Centre Solutions, Call Centre Solutions – from small, informal, internal-only operations to large, blended call centres working globally, most companies need some form of contact centre. Read our September CC Series for the lowdown More

  • Contact Centre Market Guide

    Contact Centre Vendors

    Contact Centre solutions and platforms are a set of programmes and services designed specifically to help improve the performance of your agents, increase their efficiency and ensure all callers are given the best level of service they can get on a consistent basis (CX = Customer Experience). More

  • CCaaS Market Guide

    CCaaS Vendors (Contact Centre as a Service)

    By investing in CCaaS, your company can drastically reduce its in-house IT maintenance costs, improve its security and support company growth with a fully scalable solution that operates on a pay-as-you-use basis. More