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The unified communications market is beginning to move beyond the frenzy of 2020 and into a more sustainable period that will see businesses make well-thought, calculated decisions as they look towards solutions for the long-term. In the age of hybrid work, considerations now go beyond just video. A true unified offering is needed as employees switch from home working to anywhere working.

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The start of 2020 saw businesses rush to enable remote working as quickly as possible, in many cases adopting cloud-based products alongside their traditional communications technology. As we move into 2022 and beyond, businesses are in the process of putting in place systems that will be their beating heart over the medium and long term, which means re-evaluating the products they subscribed to at the start of the pandemic.

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If the past two years have been a scramble to equip employees with devices for remote work, the next two will be about equipping them to work from anywhere. Most people will, at this stage, have the hardware they need to work from their home office or anywhere remotely, but the future of work is still very much an ongoing process. Employees are now on the move again, with a more blended approach to work.

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Microsoft Teams continues to grow at a relentless pace, with monthly active users most recently reported as hitting a huge 270 million. This is for a platform that launched just five years ago. For many businesses, the first phase of Teams will have seen them use its messaging and video capabilities predominately. This was particularly true at the start of the pandemic when organisations were forced to work remotely. The new phase of Hybrid Work 2.0 will be about personalising technology to suit the business.

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We are set to see yet another significant year for the channel ecosystem in 2022 as partners face both the changing needs of businesses and their vendor partner programmes designed to serve them. Hybrid working has been dominating the channel mindshare this year as businesses start to look at the technology they need on a long-term basis. Hybrid working is not merely enabling employees to work remotely, it is a completely integrated approach to how businesses operate in the office, at home, and everything in-between.

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